Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Day After

If I was her I'd be busy faking my own death right now and fleeing to a country with weak extradition laws with the United States.

Russia of course, is extremely pleased that they won't be forced to fight a nuclear war in the immediate future. There is never a guarantee of peace in history because of Homo Sapiens. What we have now is some assurance we may have peace for a little while and that is better than what we had yesterday.

Biggest fear in the next 70 days is deliberate false flags. Most patriots are attuned to this possibility and even if an East Coast city is attacked I doubt if you could get anybody with an IQ above room temperature to believe it is either a terrorist or Russia or China. Most would instantly assume it is a false flag in the current political climate.

The kind of honesty needed in so-called leaders.


Adam Timbermann said...

Update.... 168 hours of bright LED light and roughly 168 more hours of dim light... now an additional 26 hours of lit, but barely there... Not too bad for a pair of low quality brand AA batteries.

Time is what most of us need to get vaults built.

Adam Timbermann said...

LED Christmas light strand update. 168 hours of bright, 168 hours dim and 26 hours of lit, but barely there. Not too bad since I was using cheap AA batteries.