Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Smart Money On Vault-Co

Pack it because ITZ coming.

Prime rib and lobster while they watch the Honeymooners.

Number one threat is a magnetic reversal/solar storm accompanying the Grand Minimum.

Dormant activity presages major cooling worldwide worse than a Maunder Minimum.

Zero stock inventory systems would lead to worldwide famine in three days.


Ave said...

There's a Youtube Channel that specializes in fake nuclear alert news.

They get better at each iteration, the latest is three days old and quite professionally done :

Better than the real deal I would say.

Speaking of Youtube, as of yesterday the regional division of the Education Ministry in Alsace severely restricted content visible by pupils on Youtube, to protect against Youtube pornography. For instance, pop music videos are inaccessible.

When searching WTC7 at my Middle High School I only came across videos teaching music, and two videos supporting the official view (one explaining the building collapsed from the inside). Usually the first videos you get with this search are Truther videos. The second search result page showed nothing even remotely connected to WTC7.

But by typing "animal reproduction" I still got a video of a little dog humping another little dog :) :)

Sam said...

You ought to look at the new MINIX 3. This looks kill. Super fault tolerant but with a modular system. A microkernel design. The key is you can add whatever you want in the user space. What they are doing is using it as the base for NetBSD. That way you can use the drivers for BSD. There's also a new project called a RUMP kernel. A rump kernel is just like a wrapper for a fake kernel. The only thing it's used for is drivers. The one they are using now is NetBSD. That way any driver that can be used for NetBSD can be run through the Rump kernel to ANY kernel that you are using for the actual OS. An example is to use the Rump with Minix3 and then you have drivers for whatever kernel that you are using as an OS. Another is say you have a rump Linux kernal then you could route Linux drivers through the rump kernel to say BSD or Minix or whatever your OS really is.

Minix3 has a LOT of good stuff. If drivers or processes hang it can shut them down and restart them. Also real time update of the OS without shutting it down. It pauses processes and substitutes the new update then restarts the running process. They have the microkernel done they are integrating it now. They are porting to Beagle single board computers and lots of other cheap RISC type stuff. One of the reasons they use NetBSD as a userland is NetBSD is based on portability and they feel that makes it more standardized and easier to port.

Video of project
Anykernel and Rump Kernels

Sam said...

Unfortunately Ronald Regan stopped the inventory stockpile of food in the US as an unnecessary expense. Big mistake. We used to have I think 5 years of food stockpiled at all times in raw materials like wheat and corn. It was basic stuff but better than starving. I think we should start this up again. Tell our farmers we'll buy every damn thing they can grow. Maybe make it non GMO. This would spur on the non GMO seed stockpile. We also should have some cheap solar flame EMP protection system. We've all heard how the cost would be so high but I disagree. The major problem is transformers but transformers are really tough. It's not easy to blow one up. The key to cheap EMP protection is a sharp metal point covered with ceramic, glass or metal that is close and pointed at a ground wire. There could also be metal blades around the needle to force it to flash over and ground in a high voltage (EMP) condition. They make metal blades to prevent flash over in breakers a simple matter to reverse it and make it susceptible to flash over. Ground wires are on every power pole so it would not be that difficult to just clip on the "air gap" grounding device. The way it would work was when the voltage gets high enough it would ionize the air gap and it would flash over to ground. In normal conditions it wouldn't flash over. After it flashed over the ionized air would provide a low resistance path to ground. I would be surprised if these things would cost over $5 in quantity. More like $1 to $2. Put one on every pole in the nation. More elaborate systems could be installed in power sub stations and power plants.

"Mu" said...

“ knowing what your limitations are...Maturity is a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists, unless laughter can be said to remedy anything.”
― Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle

bicebicebice said...

Yo this site be dem fake news, ban Vault-co.