Friday, November 18, 2016

Methylation From Sodium Hydroxide For Epigenetic Triggering

Discussed here as a very effective mechanism for triggering methylation markers like those associated with lasting epigenetic shifts.

If it were to take place at the ideal age of around 18 months and physical damages were limited to local effects (oral absorption through the tissues of the mouth, for example, leading to saturation of the blood stream through the most direct method) then you could trigger very dramatic changes in stem cells that were catalyzing at that time to form the building blocks of a human being. Perhaps even causing major shifts of protein synthesis to alternates proven to be present by DNA sequencing and often developing from other forms of trauma or disturbances.

Commercial name is Drano. My aunt had left it out in a glass coke bottle mixed with water when my father came to visit and had forgotten about it. As an infant I crawled into the kitchen unsupervised and took a few sips. That night I was given the last rites at the hospital and was expected to die by morning. The doctor got it right when he said "It's for the best. Nothing human could have survived and the child would be horribly scarred beyond recognition had he survived. The result would have been a monster. No way could he have recovered from injuries like those he sustained without some sort of miracle."

Something connected to methylation switches on the ARNDT2 gene sets off a cascade that begins pulling genetic sequences for fundamental development from the archaic DRD chains. Once started, they begin to fall like dominos until they all run out. I suspect the body is saying "Something bad has happened to this kid who is currently running the Holocene candy-ass spearchucker model software. We may need to do a rollback and switch him to the original Ice Age supertank Model T version of hominids in order to prepare him for what appears to be a very rough environment he is growing up in."

Two years later I was glowing pink faced with health, built like a chimney of muscle and was bouncing off the walls of my doctor's office like Spiderman. He told my father ... "This is not the same child I examined originally." I had almost finished off the school library by the 2nd grade. My nasal pitch, rapid delivery, nonstop verbal information blitzkrieg and strange intonation often left people feeling they were talking to a creature from another world by the time I was 7 years old. No need to tell me how Neanderthals sounded when they spoke, National Geographic. I already know how Neanderthals sounded.

The scarring from the chemical burns left me a hideous monstrosity somewhere between the Elephant Man and the Amazing Colossal Beast. You can see here why I never go outdoors in daylight.


FrankNorman said...

I think it needs to be said: Kids, don't try this at home.

Leo Littlebook in Shenzhen said...

I dunno Tex. Sounds pretty tough to swallow.

Takudzwa Aywok said...

Dat Confirms Muh Intuition

Ibn Nafis said...

OH MY GOD man. I just found out something extremely disturbing about Hillary. It's related to her tongue.

Texas Arcane said...

@Ibn Nafis

Disturbing ... Killary IS a character from a Lovecraft story.

Ibn Nafis said...

"No need to tell me how Neanderthals sounded when they spoke, National Geographic. I already know how Neanderthals sounded."

I think they had high-pitched voices right ? They must have made scary war-cries against Cro-Mags with those voices


Yes, a psychopath

Ibn Nafis said...

Ooh I think it is related with what you posted earlier

Because of the blood in it, probably human blood. Well that confirms your post I guess

Aeoli Pera said...

It's been a while since I learned this, so I might be misremembering, but I believe this would have been right before a massive neuron die-off in normal infant development (~2yo). Babies have an enormous number of neurons (way more than adults), but most of these die in these events. To my mind, this would be analogous to the genetic shifts that occur when catastrophic events wipe out large portions of a breeding population, preferentially killing off some gene clusters. An example would be a group of hunter gatherers where the gatherers are all killed in a fire while the hunters are in another area, culling the gatherer genes.

If we follow the analogy, it would suggest that epigenetics could trigger a preference cascade right before such a neural extinction event, preferentially culling the "holocene-strategy" neurons. Something to think about.

Herman said...

Ever heard of lutefisk? It's fish soaked in lye aka sodium hydroxide. Eat it every year

Texas Arcane said...

@Ibn Nafis

If 1% of this stuff is true (I think it is more like 100%) these people are unbelievably satanic. Total Rosemary's Baby style nuts.

Kona Commuter said...

@Ibn Nafis - DAMN!!!!!


Kona Commuter said...

Whilst I'm at it.

Why are foreigners freaking out about Trump?

I'm reading about Australians seeking counselling to cope with the trauma of the D being elected president of America. America is a foreign country!

I read people saying Trumps going to start WWIII and I'm dumbfounded. What grounds do they base that on?

The only vibe I get from Trump is he's going to be inwardly focused.

Adam Timbermann said...

How to epigenetic triggering in adults?

AA powered LED Christmas light Strand update. 168 hours full light. 168 hours dim light... and 3 weeks now of barely lit... but still glowing. All from 2 cheap grade AA batteries.

Would there be any reason to construct a vault without using metal? I had a dream that I was building one out of wood, stone and concrete, but no metal. I woke up before figuring out why I was doing it.

August said...

When I did some of the genetic testing stuff, I came across some stuff suggesting some people can be over-methylated. You have to lay off foods that are heavy in methyl groups- although I kept eating meat- and then there are a ton of supplements and stuff that are methyl donors too.

Anyway, there seemed to be something to it, because I started to feel better.

But high methylization could theoretically be maintained with food, and this could, hypothetically, be a very good thing in fast growing youths.

But then there's also the fact that coming that close to death could cause an epigenetic response regardless of methylization.

Steve Barison said...


Perhaps as a hedge against a large scale plasma discharge? If you consider how cloud-to-ground lightning is often attracted to metal objects, can you imagine being hit by a continent-sized interplanetary thunderbolt? Surely more of that energy would be drawn into a steel vault than a concrete bunker, even if both were deep underground.

You might be on to something here.

Edward said...

I was going to post something here about sharing a traumatic hospitalisation experience at a critical young age, leading to a cascade of neuro-developmental changes, leading to what other people call 'aspergers syndrome'.

Seems kind of common, like maybe a certain Mr. Kaczynski ;-)

Personally I developed a severe allergic reaction to something or other at 3 or 4, and came out in a purpuric rash and was rushed to hospital and given antibiotics. It cleared up practically overnight and hasn't reoccurred since, and I've still no idea exactly what caused it and personally barely remember it happening. I didn't turn out exactly 'neurotypical' afterwards, if I was normal before, I could't really say, at that age I hadn't really had that much time to figure out much beyond 'I think therefore I am', and 'I'm hungry', and 'All these big people are always telling me what not to do'.

Ron said...

@Ibn Nafis

The running theory on anonymousconservative is thst its the result of her using a slow acting pill to calm her down.

Ave said...

Yeah I was hospitalized at age four (I think) because of a severe injury (loss of blood), and this changed me. i believe it could also be linked to the discovery of the notion of death at a young age, it helps you prioritize things.

That said, this is always random. When people try to replicate this by injuring or traumatizing their children (or stuff like MKULTRA) then the child doens't understand the value of life but rather understands that everybody out there including his parents are trying to enslave him or even kill him.