Saturday, November 19, 2016

Junk Science Gets Junked

Will they void out their paycheques for the past 100 years? I would not hold my breath.

... also return all that Nobel Prize money!! The applied sciences appear to have died with John F. Kennedy!! We've had a half century of "breakthroughs" with no apparent practical applications! We're constantly getting "physicists" claiming responsibility for the achievements of real engineers like Flash Ram and storage substrates! Like Stephen Gould calling himself an "anthropologist" after getting himself attached to a paper by Lewontin!! Gould actually managed to buffalo his way onto the front cover only after it was being prepared for publication.

I knew the wheel was going to come around again like this.

Thanks to Vault-Co reader for this link.


nfoe said...

Anything but the aether ….

Physics is wrong in itself. Pi equals 4 when motion is involved - here is the theory and the proof:

Ave said...

This article by Vigilant Citizen is posting extremely graphic pictures associated with the pizzagate.

It is extremely graphic and extremely unsettling. I mean it like it sounds, it is extreme, beyond the limit of the human mind actually.

You'll see posts made by those people : pictures of toddlers and very young children, in revolting poses and accessoires (one has his hands taped to a desk in front of him, for instance), along with explicit sexual commentary.

You've been warned.

marlon said...

Some energy is used in the rotation of the ball.

Kona Commuter said...

One in 500 chance humans will be extinct in a year, mathematician claims --- "said there was a 0.2 per cent chance of a "global catastrophe" occurring in any given year over the course of the 21st Century"

MycroftJones said...

nfoe shhh, don't mention the aether! That brings us back to Michelson Morley, which proved the Biblical geocentric model. I'm not sure Tex is ready to go that far yet. Especially not with the well-funded psy-op that pushed Flat Earth recently, just as Geocentricity was getting traction. If not for his glib "explanation" of Michelson Morley, Einstein wouldn't have been turned into a scientific super-star. Michelson-Morley eventually showed clear evidence of aether. Sungenis latest documentary on the topic is really good. It is long, but full of good references.

Texas Arcane said...


Keeping a real open mind. The real kind.

Once you have realized every single thing you have ever been told is bullsh*t, you're going to refrain from dismissing any idea out of hand.

I definitely believe that the "aether" is in fact a field of charged plasma. The notion of empty space was the greatest science fiction of them all.

MycroftJones said...

Thanks Tex. Did you see this post over at Koanic's? Turns out there is good reason for the "Eve from Adam's rib" story to be literal, not symbolic.