Friday, November 4, 2016

Eyes Wide Shut Iron Chef

Um ... uhhhh ....

You know you have reached the end of the fringe when the Vault-Co blog starts to sound like the sane one. I am just not sure I was prepared for this and I thought I was prepared for everything.

Do you know when the real nuts start to crank up that talk about these horrible rituals? I always sit on the fence and think ... maybe. Could be exaggerated. I don't know anymore. This sort of evidence tells me that maybe those guys are the only ones who really know what is going on.

Reports from inside the FBI say that so far they have only revealed 1% of this stuff to the public that was found in Weiner's "Life Insurance" folder. The insiders say much, much worse is coming. Some people are saying that Hillary is connected to the Haitian orphans who ended up transported to Israeli organ surgery harvesting labs.

The insiders say that the FBI agents call Hillary "The Antichrist" behind closed doors after having reviewed just some of the documents on Weiner's machine. They say she is a horror like something out of an H.P. Lovecraft novel.

I'll tell you why she is doomed. Many of these documents show that she even sold out the super villains who were paying her to sell out. She sold out everybody. These people have no retirement plan for their cronies - you join their organization and cash the check then double-cross them you are in big, big trouble.


bicebicebice said...

Kona Commuter said...

Alex Jones secured that video of the Cremation of Care sicko event where the worlds "elite" would visit & partake.

David Icke has repeatedly talked about these nutcases being involved in child abuse

The British Police investigation into child abuse has gone "sideways" but not before the lead investigator basically said it went all the way to the top (in the UK the Royal Family is top)

Here in Australia the then Prime Minister (Abbott) (a Catholic & tried to become a priest when he was younger) protected George Pell from criticism over the Catholic churches protection of pedophiles

And the final nail in the coffin why I, as an Australian born and bred, do not support our politicians
"Mr Shorten also noted the level of diversity in Parliament, saying that all but five politicians "are exclusively migrants or the descendants of migrants"."

Kona Commuter said...

Joe Biden to 13 yr Old Girl "Do You Know How Horny I Am"

nfoe said...

I7m treading carefully here, so please excuse the vagueness.

The word Devil/Satan means accuser.
Now, what has the "root" privilege for accusation?

Such is the false god of this world.

Ibn Nafis said...

Interesting quote:

“In the Nordic legend we read of a struggle between giants and gods. In my view, the thing is explicable only by the hypothesis of a disaster that completely destroyed a humanity which already possessed a high degree of civilisation.” – Adolf Hitler

Texas Arcane said...


The culture of critique. People of the pointed finger. Always outward, never inward.