Thursday, November 17, 2016

Another "Dinosaur" Found

With wings, feathers and a beak. You know, that kind of dinosaur.

Science has become a big joke to me. I need the lulz. These guys are pathetic. Do you know who is a better scientist than any of these guys? Throw a brick into the park. The first person you hit is a better scientist.

Wait, you're saying. What happened to the "other" dinosaurs? When did that stop being a thing?

Listen, you might want to sit down for this ... it's kind of funny ... you see ... there's been a bit of a mixup the past three centuries. A bit of a mixup. Why don't I make you a strong tea before I go over the salient points ? ...

And God created great sea creatures, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.

Genesis 1:21

Stupid Bible! Always turning out to be right! That God is such a know-it-all!

There's just one word missing from Scripture if you believe it is supposed to tell you everything and the word is epigenetics. Scripture doesn't claim to tell you everything, just what you need to know. When you know what the word means, you're going to realize that the God of scripture literally thought of everything and it is a perfect fractal, holographic universe.


nfoe said...

The sun is solid, not gas; evidence and photos:

bicebicebice said...

Takes a lot of thalish patience to breed those monsters into pocket sized egg-machines.

Texas Arcane said...


Isn't it funny how your gut instinct is worth more than these billions of dollars spent on NASA? People's gut instinct tells them the Sun is solid. No matter how many times you hear otherwise, you have a gut feeling. Despite scientamagistics.

nfoe said...

Genesis talks about the waters above the firmament, and in Job there is the mention of a "swaddling band" about the Earth. Perhaps it fell on the heads of those frozen mammoths.

In the Mountains of the Moon in Africa, there grow giant plants like giant heather. I think that the warmth combined with the strong sunlight allowed these to remain big.

There were giant dragonflies in the Carboniferous period. There were also giant horsetails 100 feet high. Someone did an experiment where they grew dragonflies in a high-oxygen atmosphere and they grew 15% larger in the first generation.

I think increasing the pressure by a couple of atmospheres would have made them grow even bigger.

Note that we still have dragonflies - I don't think anything ever evolved.

Only very recently did the giant Aurochs, irish Elk, and other wonderful beasts go extinct. I saw a study (Ebner) where hatching trout in a static electric field made them grow a hooked jaw like has not been seen in trout for hundreds of years. They were meant to be extinct.

I think the Neanderthal Man might be same.

A note on fractals - a friend of mine knew Eric Dollard, who was creating spiral galaxy galaxy formations in a vacuum bulb between two real* Tesla coils. A spiral galaxy would form and then the vacuum tube would explode from the internal pressure generated.

Tesla also reported of pressure in vacuum tube powered by his real* Tesla coils. A small hole would melt in the tube envelope and matter would escape,

* The Tesla coils used today are actually Lodge coils and they do not make use of electrostatic induction like Tesla did with his coils. This is why nobody can recreate the enormous electrical pressures that Tesla used to smash atoms and pump the electrostatic charge of the earth.

nfoe said...

More ground was broken in the field of epigenetics by Jean Gautier, a French endocrinologist, than by anyone else, and he didn't even know that methylation existed. I don't even remember him mentioning DNA (he did mention heredity though).

Takudzwa Aywok said...

I hope U can hax that berfect fractal universe

MycroftJones said...

Speaking of perfect fractal holographic universe, Tex, have you seen this? They finally admit there is a classical deterministic physics model for quantum mechanics.

ray said...

That's not a dinosaur, you goof. That's Ted Hendricks.