Saturday, October 29, 2016

Zika = LIES

Busted! We told you here on Vault-Co.

No way could you establish a connection between microcephaly and a virus that quickly and eliminate all the other factors! That's not how epidemic science works!!

Now, if you are going to ask what Zika was really all about, I can't say I know for certain. I have previously posted some theories up here that the entire thing was to conceal liability for a corporation that was administering vaccines down there in South America.

The thing about that theory is that the Zika baloney appeared to be coordinated from the very top. All this on behalf of a single corporation? It was also part of a scam to start spraying populated areas all over the United States. You'll agree with me that although it is difficult to really know what this latest mess of lies is all about, it appears to be really creepy and is part of a larger plan of some kind. I suspect the plan was to get mankind worked up into a serious panic fit and then announce a vaccine was available which would provide protection. Guess what would be in the "vaccine?"

Any ideas you are welcome to post them in the comments section.


Takudzwa Aywok said...

As long as a Thal or a Melon doesn't suffer from it, the elites doing whatever they please no matter how cruel is okay in my book. Come on, man. Are you a Neanderthal or not? If you really believe you're a Neanderthal, then all of those people are your enemies and you should rejoice at their suffering. You've been oppressed by those guys all your life, why weep for them? You know what I call this? Karma. White people's ancestors genocided and raped Neanderthals the most (along with East Asians) and they got fucked up, crazy liberals in return.

I've come to think, having thought about the Kali Yuga, that it isn't that much of a thing which we should let put us down that the Neanderthals fell. I read not long ago a saying that said "All forces meet their demise sooner or later, except the Jew. What is the secret to his immortality?"

Seeking to revive the Neanderthal would be in vain or possibly temporary just as what one melon very angry about the world and that sounded a hella like you is going to do is in vain. The fight for Neanderthal should also include seeking to make him eternal, to understand karma. Is it an entirely mechanical thing or some magical sheeeeit? Hermitic teachings tell us that a "master", a "wizard" can learn to beat it.

Texas Arcane said...


Throughout history and mythological traditions, the Neanderthal is the immortal. After all, they have been declared extinct already.

riverrider said...

its not about vaccines. its about money. see they learned that they can trump up an emergency, beg for billions, and congress will fall all over themselves to approve it- usually. there are no rules that govern that it must be spent on the "emergency" at hand. the last one, i forget what it was now, the money went to cair, seiu, and other lib fronts to help stir up trouble and sway the election. they saw it worked some and figured more billions would seal the deal. oh yeah, now i remember, it was ebola. that's why they refused to close off travel. they needed it to get here so they could get the panic going. not a tenth of the money went toward ebola. just like the money from all of eric holder's extortion of the banks/ finance mega firms. they gladly paid hundreds of millions in "fines" rather than we find out how badly they screwed us.

bob kek mando ( I are Spartacus ... and you can too! C'mon, give it a try, these crosses are way more comfy than they look ) said...

don't know if you've noticed this, but 'Zika mosquito spraying' just happens to destroy honey bee hives on a wholesale basis.

if such spraying becomes widespread, that could have serious knock on effects, not just on future harvest but also on the wild growth pollination.