Sunday, October 2, 2016

They Used To Call This Statesmanship

In the old days, amongst many other proficiencies it was assumed that national leaders would be able to speak several languages. Today so-called "leaders" don't have any proficiencies at all for anything. Russia shows they are doing much better. Putin makes Barack Obama look like a janitor in comparison.

This guy wins hearts and minds wherever he goes. While the stooges in the U.S. alienate every single nation on the planet Vlad makes allies from them.

Monstrum in animo, monstrum in spiritu.  The United States is run and represented by some of the butt-ugliest people in the world. They show up at the U.N. all the time looking like methamphetamine addicts out at night who have not showered in a month. It's not just Samantha Powers. They're all just a bit off. You look at them and you can see there is something wrong there. They grin like chimpanzees and often give the impression they are mentally unstable with constant emotional swings. I guess these puppets are the best the NWO could recruit from the bottom of the barrel they fish for staff in.

In case you didn't know, Samantha Powers is married to mega-bolshevist super-psychotic nouveau kosher Nazi Cass Sunstein.  Achtung, Schveinhund! This guy makes Trotsky look like a happy-go-lucky used car salesman in comparison. If you accidentally clicked through and read that Sunstein column, you should go through this intellectual decon shower to scrub that filth off you before you re-enter reality.


Kona Commuter said...

Remember when Howard was humiliated at APEC? First comedians from the ABC defeated the unprecedented "Ring of Steel" security around the summit whilst dressed as Osama Bin Laden

Then the then opposition leader Kevin Rudd spoke fluent Mandarin in a speech to the visiting Chinese officials (at a time Australia was falling over themselves to get Chinese money)

styrac1 said...

Underground Neanderthal construction site.

bicebicebice said... Super Soldiers, just like X-files predicted.