Monday, October 31, 2016

The Cedars of Heaven, Brought Down By Great Fellers of Trees (Nephilim)

The tree grew, and was strong, and the height thereof reached unto heaven, and the sight thereof to the end of all the earth.

Daniel 4:11

I know I should be writing something about the complete exposure of the entire Matrix that is going on right now with Hillary Clinton ... but you know what? When you get my age you no longer care about vindication. You lose interest in proving to others you were right. You lose interest in having them agree with you. You lose interest in them, period. You no longer care for their scorn, their admiration or anything in between. You lose interest in even thinking about them. It doesn't matter to me anymore. They have proven over the course of my fifty years that they don't think, at all. How could they matter if they refuse to use their God-given ability to reason? All they've got left between them and animals is their God-given souls. It testifies to the goodness of God and proves they are hopelessly damned without their recognition of it.

I would much rather think about things like this. I find the epiphanies of the mob, scarce as they are and far apart, to scarcely be worth noticing. Things like the photo above are so much more interesting.That picture is a gateway right through the looking glass if you stare at it long enough. It is like taking a bucket full of red pills from Morpheus and waking up after which you then wake up from waking up and then waking up again. I am convinced the thrill I feel looking at that photo is the divine spark of consciousness I got from God finally working a little bit for the first time in my life.

I hope Donald does a good job if he gets in. I really do.

Whoever gets elected, I reckon itz coming. The best voting nowadays is done with a shovel. It's a vote of no confidence in these idiots altogether and you definitely are backing a winning horse if that is your vote. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, forget about these critters. They don't stand a chance. Do you know both Clintons and the entire planet got away with this stuff for FORTY YEARS? These people are the good guys according to their story and you and I are the bad guysThey shot Kennedy a month after I was born and have been in charge this entire time with the willing obedience of the sheeple. For my entire life. That entire time, anybody with an IQ above room temperature is blasted as a possible Nazi. Can anybody blame me if I lost interest? They're not just evil - they are REALLY BORING. It is the banality that gets you. It is the platitudes and bromides they wear your nerves down with. It never ends with these creatures. Never one second they don't seem to be doing some kind of NAKED GUN style parody.

Donald just might buy us all some time. My advice is to pack your rice.

I am starting to wonder if the Neanderthals great sin, the worst thing they ever did, the biggest mistake they ever made, was to work as day labourers for cash on the barrel for the melonheads. They simply did a hard day's work and before they began to realise what they were doing was incredibly wrong, they had already cashed their paycheques. By the time they stopped they had done terrible damage to creation by simply working for others and not questioning the tasks they were given. There is that indifference again. No wonder God despised Esau, the strong man of the Earth who was good with his hands and prided himself on his prowess. No wonder. 

Just doing a job. Melonheads said to take it down so we did. Not our fault if we simply deliver a service.
I can remember reading back in 1988 in this book I had debunking scripture (this was when I was an atheist) that the author was laughing at how stupid people were that they didn't realise the Nephilim are described in Hebrew not as fallen angels but as lumberjacks. This secular author was pointing out that people can't even properly translate Hebrew but they claim to understand it. He reiterated ... "Nephilim" in literal translation means strong men who fell trees. "Fellers." This was the identical nickname for the men in the photo above when this profession was at its zenith.

Humbaba pleads his case to Enkidu. "You, Enkidu! You are the son of Aruru and Anu. You should not be here fighting me when we were once allies! I protected the sacred evergreens for your parents and would also protect them for your legacy! Do you know why this forest is so important? You who are half-wild animal, can't you guess? Most of what is important and necessary on the earth is found here in this old forest. That is why the Gods love the smoke of cedar. That is how I know so much about you. You are the wisest, strongest and the best of people, Enkidu, of all men it is you who should know better! This forest has been here since before there were people on earth. Now you know all the secrets of the forest. You would rather have the secret of immortality and curse the Earth! Now it is your choice, Enkidu. It is in your power to spare my life. My fate is in your hands."

Enkidu quakes with fear but urges his friend, "Finish him, Gilgamesh. Do it quickly, before the Gods consult each other. Remember the people will honor us. They will forever remember us as the slayers of Humbaba and the liberators of the Evergreen Forest. We will be heroes and remembered through all eternity."

Humbaba listens to Enkidu, then answers. "You are wrong, Enkidu. For a time maybe you shall be remembered as the liberators of the Evergreen Forest, but you will not be honored for it long. The Gods set me here in their wisdom. They know that people are greedy and shortsighted. They will cut down the entire forest to get rich and the wealth of Lebanon and Syria will be gone. It will take only a few years after my passing and these trees shall all be gone. There will be no more trees in the land - it will be a barren wasteland. The Evergreen Forest shall be sold to Egypt by greedy men for gain! This place will be a desert and there will be no marker to ever show you were here, no evidence of your deeds!"

Enkidu cries again, "Finish him, Gilgamesh. Do it quickly, before the Gods consult each other. Remember, the people will honor us. They will forever remember us as the slayers of Humbaba and the heroes of the Evergreen Forest."

Humbaba listens to Enkidu, then answers. "Neither of you will live to old age. The curse of the Gods will be upon you Enkidu because you would know better than your friend Gilgamesh. You will never sleep again! You will be the loneliest creature who ever lived! You will be shut off from life and see it only through a veil! You will scream and no one will hear you, no one will speak to you! Try to forget and your nose will issue blood to remind you! You will be strengthened to keep you alive and on your feet to keep you suffering! It is easy for the Gods to destroy you but they will make you an example so that it will be known what becomes of those who challenge the Gods! I can spare you all these things if you tell your friend Gilgamesh to stay his blade!"

Enkidu says, "Finish him, Gilgamesh. I am talking to you, my friend, but you are not responding. Quickly, Gilgamesh, finish him off! "

Then king Gilgamesh smote Humbaba and cut off his head and at that moment Enkidu saw his own nose gush blood to signify the curse as his reward.

- THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH, Incorporated with newly discovered fragments from the Sulaymaniyah Museum


Takudzwa Aywok said...

>I am starting to wonder if the Neanderthals great sin, the worst thing they ever did, the biggest mistake they ever made, was to work as day labourers for cash on the barrel for the melonheads.

It's very unlikely to have happened in my opinion. For one, ancient egyptian occult texts that would have been given to us by benevolent melonheads indicate that upon their arrival, the melonheads found humans already there. And secondly, the one thing they started doing when they arrived is that they started civilizing human. Bringing them towards "The Light", hence Lucifer, the light bringer. As i've said previously such things as agriculture we can thank the melonheads for. Considering that.. If they met, the Neanderthals would have surely ended up developing civilization .

Ted Walther said...

Is this the translation of the curse of Humbaba that went missing before? You posted about it a couple years ago I think.

Texas Arcane said...


Yep, fragments recovered from the Baghdad Museum looting nobody ever knew were there until it was robbed by America. A new translation contracted by the directors of the Sul* Museum.

Elements I had never heard before that once incorporated, almost changed the entire passage into something completely new.

The informal friend conjugate of Enkidu to Humbaba is apparently because they were friends when Enkidu was younger and played together.

With this new information, seems like Enkidu may not be so innocent of any wrongdoing. Never thought about any of this that way. Turns out Enkidu may have been a kind of douche. Didn't see that coming.

Phlebas the Phoenician said...

Was coincidentally watching on this subject only recently myself:

Luke said...

Where did you find that first picture of the giant tree?

Texas Arcane said...


That's Devil's Tower in Wyoming. Scienmagists say it is a volcanic vent.

I don't believe it is. I believe it is exactly what it looks like.

Luke said...

Cool. So you think it was petrified? Any ideas how?

Btw Tex it's great to have you back! Was really missing your amazing ideas on the secret history of the world. I don't understand and/or agree with everything you say, but it's always delicious food for thought.

Please please please write a book :) !!!

Adam Timbermann said...

I was told that it takes 12 feet of plant matter to make one foot of peat. And 4 feet of peat to make one foot of coal... or maybe it was the other way around... anyway. 48 feet of plant matter to make one foot of coal.

The Wyoming coal fields are as much as 1000 feet thick in spots. Something piled up plant matter almost ten miles high to make that much coal...

Side note. Christmas time is here. LOL Our local Dollar General store chain has one meter long 10 LED light strands powered by 2 AA batteries for $3. I just tested a set with the cheap Dollar General brand AA batteries. 168 hours of full brightness. Now I am waiting to see how much dim light until they go dark.

$6 for 20 cheap AA batteries, $6 for two strands (one to use and one spare). That equals 1680 hours of full brightness for $12. 5 hours a day for almost a year.

I know that the more expensive name-brand batteries last longer in my experience, so I went with the cheap ones due to having that much in my change cup.

Texas Arcane said...


Very interesting experiment you did there. Really interesting.

I'd like to meter that line on voltage and amps to see what the draw is. Could be managed by automation in order of priority if you had all the figures - in low power situations knowing which item to turn on and which to turn off until more power was available.

Texas Arcane said...


Do we really know what petrified wood is? The scientists have an explanation. Is it really plausible or is that just what they say because they don't understand how things get petrified?

Texas Arcane said...


Ever notice how a lot of petrified trees are found in coal fields? What if coal is just burned petrified wood?

What if trees had a different atomic structure (based on silicon) in the past?

My father once showed me underground fields of petrified trees buried in coal. Do scientists really know how things like that happen or do they just make it up and hope people buy it?

nfoe said...

some interesting related photos here (the text is not good and appears to have been translated by a machine):

I saw theory related to Thomas Gold's deep oil which suggested that coal is some sort of deep Earth product like coal. Perhaps water is, too, that might account for some of the sea level rise.

I remember a story about some fenceposts in Oz that turned to stone because of the high soluble silicon content of the soil.

Then there is the annular theory of Isaac Vail who said that the Earth had clouds matter which had been thrown into orbit while the Earth was in an igneous state, and which subsequently condensed and formed the various layers of the sedimentary supercrust. People talk about his "canopy" theory but he mostly talked about orbiting matter.

It was later suggested that ice fell last and flash-froze the mammoths at the north pole. There was a book in the 60s which put forth the theory.

Adam Timbermann said...

You mean like how scientists say that 5,000 years ago... my part of Wisconsin was under 5,000 feet of ice? Who measured it?

So far 48 more hours of lesser light. 168 bright hours 48 less... and still going.

I heard a story by a preacher about a pallet factory in Tennessee or Kentucky that was hit by a mudslide that buried their pallet yard. Two or three years later they got the yard dug out and some of the buried pallets were starting to petrify. They said it was high silica soil...

Adam Timbermann said...

Just like how scientists KNOW that my part of Wisconsin was under 5,000 feet of ice a few thousand years ago. Who measured it?

Or when scientists claim that the surface of the sun is hotter than the core.. how do they measure that? Thermal imagers? The hotter temps would shield the cooler. Or maybe there is some other way for them to determine that?

Ryan David G said...

Tex, thought of this blog when I saw the wikileaks stuff today. The creepy stuff about "spirit cooking" and apparent coded references to children in some of the new emails is beyond belief.

Boko Harambe said...

Damn, Tex. You say what I think I notice but don't trust my eyes or instincts to say.

The Pangea idea...anti-Christian, or a recognition of God's power to move mountains? It might not be Christian or rational of me but damn do things vibrate around me sometimes and I just know there is something I'm missing. Or I'm just a nut doing what nutters do.

The western desert of the United States was once a lush paradise. Seas covered what is now dry earth. We can only guess at past history, and some of those guesses are damned good and supported by what evidence we can find. I've been reading Genesis to my kids, from a children's bible. Doesn't the very account of creation support the timeline, not in a literal 24-hour rotation of the planet on its axis, but in the progression of life forms and their succession to varying degrees of dominance in their environments?

Civilization, I'm told, began at Sumer, or so a popular history textbook issued to HIS 101 students in many universities tells us. No way. No way.