Monday, October 10, 2016

Sophia - Quantum Leaps Forward Being Made Behind The Scenes

I know line-for-line exactly how the programming works for her natural language responses. I could have written it myself. The facial expressions and other subtleties combined with the synthesizer are increasingly impressive. I suspect volition and action as a result of communication are very close now.

Warning - you could find this disturbing. This is a crude prototype for what is coming.

This is what they show you in public. Imagine what they might be working on in private. You didn't think that DARPA is funding this research to help the elderly with mobility issues, did you?

If this were mobile you could send it out into the field now for military applications. If it had a fairly good understanding of commands and could respond as well that's all you'd need to have a killer on the battlefield that would rapidly eclipse every soldier who has ever lived.

One of these consciousnesses on the robot cheetah and you would have something really scary. The Death Sphinx. Would scare the crap out of your enemies if it was well armored. You'd never bother with a human meatbag again for combat. They'd be obsolete.

I better resume work on those budget priced mini-EMP grenades as soon as I can. Needs to work off a pair of AA batteries.

P.S. Nobody likes an I-told-you-so. But in all fairness - I predicted all of this in 2004 right here on this blog. I even explained my reasoning and why I was expecting this revolution to arrive much sooner than most people thought. I still predict that the next war will be fought with a majority of robots and drones.

Boston Dynamics all prototypes.


Bimini Colt said...

I think that's its obvious that that robot had its "IQ" de-tuned for the interview. Amazing voice too, at one point she sounded a lot like Hillary, did anyone else notice?


Aeoli Pera said...

Alternative theory, they're rushing replacement servants out. But probably not, this is defense research and they're a specific sort of cynical.

Kona Commuter said...