Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sapiens Ruins Christmas For Another Poor Cow

The lonely cow of Coney Island killed by a manboon veterinarian doing scienmagistics

Please leave those cows alone you chimpmanzees. The cow did not benefit from Saps scienmagistical therapies and various voodoo chants and other crank tonics and homeopathic heebie-jeebies. I bet they gave him a flu vaccine.

When the long line of crimes against friendly animals by Saps the Non-Domesticator is rallied I will rank their stroke against this cow high in the ledger of their perfidies. A pox on thee, Saps. A cowpox of some sort preferably.


Kona Commuter said...

Tex - I was reviewing John Titor information yesterday. What struck me was his warnings about civil war in the US and also about China attacking Australia (and being rebuffed).

Now these events didn't eventuate in the years he stated. However he also altered our timeline, what with speaking with his grandfather and also with staying with his parents.

But these two events are most certainly conceivable. The US _seems_ to be a powder keg just waiting for something, anything to trigger nastiness. A nation that large and that diverse certainly has plenty of opportunities for conflict. Also WikiLeaks has revealed the extent of the corruption and that delegitimises any moral authority political leaders could claim.

Then we move onto China V Australia. Australia has been quite vocal in our anti-Chinese rhetoric. China has warned Australia off numerous times and the warnings have increasingly become blunter.

So I can imagine the scenario. US implodes, China flexes its muscle and does what it does. At some stage they consider grabbing a piece of Australia.

Titor has Australia defending itself successfully however that was that timeline. So who knows this time?


Texas Arcane said...


I will tell you why this story is nothing but hype right now.

A story about an escaped ape pushed this story off the headline at The Daily Mail and many other newspapers.

The elites are showing no sign of organizing preps and evacuation at present.

I think most of the people at the top know this is sabre rattling right now. Like Nixon ordering bombers into the air when the investigation closed in on him. They are terrified Trump is going to win big in November.

Texas Arcane said...


Joel Skousen is right. They need a few more years to get ready. They don't want this right now. It's all hype to terrify the population into voting for Hillary. It is having the opposite effect.

Kona Commuter said...


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