Thursday, October 13, 2016


No crying wolf this time. In the chute for the end.

I must have read hundreds of books from the John Birch society before I was 13 years old and they all painted a world so nightmarish in the future it was nearly incomprehensible.

All of them always tempered these visions with the disclaimer that If America Stays Strong, These Things Will Not Come To Pass.

America didn't stay strong. The communists won. They won everything and won big. By the time they were finished with their false flag attacks they had brought the Western world to it's knees, eager and anxious to relinquish all control over their own fate. Did you know Kurt Saxon predicted all of these things, that lunatic? That's right. He was writing about the events now in the early 1980's. He said that the march to power for the globalists would begin with a series of fake terrorist attacks that would enable them to suspend all existing law in the Constitution. He predicted nearly every single development from 1998 onwards in his columns. He said when the West was weak enough, the elites would use their enemies to destroy it with a nuclear war ... then reducing its surviving population to slaves. You can laugh all you want. Except Kurt was right and everybody else was wrong.


Ave said...

The thing is, back in 2008 they timed the financial collapse with the last month prior to the US elections, that brought Obama to power.

It was a real collapse and we still feel its consequences today.

So part of me is considering this WW3 frenzy like some cheap electoral gimmick, but another part of me is looking back at 2008 and the reality of it.

Perhaps they timed it all to coincide in the same time frame.

Ave said...

Another possibility, is that they're so desperate they're trying to do something both incredibly powerful and stupid, like a UFO moment of "aliens trying to save us from annihilation" ( ) has an hypothesis that there is some media grooming about UFOs :
(and other posts from two weeks ago)

It seems far-fetched but so was the idea of 9/11 before it came true.

Ave said...

Adedendum to my last post : it just occured to me that the whole "united against the alien menace" false flag was actually the plot in the "Watchmen" graphic novel (not the movie).

Since we're talking about the 80's, there was the "V" series on TV (and to link everything together, 9/11 and UFOs, there is the series "the X-Files" of course.

Any way, they're running out of steam on traditional scaremonging IMHO.

Texas Arcane said...


Definitely some planted stories about aliens, life on other worlds and possible hostile beings out there in last two weeks. We had a similar cycle a couple years back when some real scientists deflated the growing hysteria as absolute rubbish.

Texas Arcane said...


I honestly believe this is all presaging nuclear war in the next couple of years. I am shrieking in order to encourage people to get serious about their preps.

Kona Commuter said...

@ Tex "I honestly believe this is all presaging nuclear war in the next couple of years."

I'm thinking that a couple of years is optimistic. The Russians appear to be literally screaming that they're not messing around and they fully intend to use nukes. Yet Hillary and the UK are pushing to provoke Russia more and more.

nfoe said...

According to Martin _armstrong, this is on time.