Sunday, October 2, 2016

Neanderthal Monkeys At It Again

These "primitive creatures"...

  1. Built 6 step compression ovens to forge malleable pitch into ergonomic grips
  2. Created complex artwork with perspective and abstract idealized representations
  3. Had a jewelry drill that could bore perfect circles in emeralds, jade and other precious stones
  4. Showed evidence of having constructed compound bows
  5. Had complex funerals with religious artefacts, symbolic travel tokens and gifts for the afterlife
  6. Wore makeup and manufactured rings, necklaces and armbands
  7. Supported cradle-to-grave intensive nursing for the critically injured for the duration of their lives
  8. Had a hyoid bone in their throats to produce ultrasound speech that carried on plains of snow
  9. Had 4 extra genes connected with the muscles of the throat for hyper articulate speech
  10. Domesticated all known species of useful animals including horses, dogs and cattle
... and now apparently built firewalls and windbreaks deep inside caverns that used central pit fires exhausted through natural chimneys to survive Ice Age temperatures.

It is amazing to me that after having discovered ample fossils of Southern Neanderthals (Denisovian & Amud) that towered over modern humans at 6 foot 2 (250 pounds, basically Arnold Schwarzenegger ) that they are still depicted as shorter than modern people and squat troll humped. What absolutely absurd rubbish. It is true that Cro-Magnons often towered over the Neanderthal coming in regularly at almost 7 foot tall but it is likely that any close quarters combat between a Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon ended with the Cro-Magnon crushed to the size of a shoebox. On the other hand, that lanky build and height would have been genetically perfect for killing a Neanderthal at a distance with a spear. The Cro-Magnon could easily win in numbers without ever coming within striking range.

I want you to think of modern people who love to kill unarmed civilians without any threat to themselves by carpet bombing them and ask yourself who you think modern man reflects in his general makeup. I am not speaking of the exceptions, just the rule. Modern people are craven cowards who love to kill others at a distance without any risk to their own safety. This is why they have gone crazy over the drone. The drone is a dream come true to people descended from Cro-Magnons. No honour, no courage, no risk ... just push buttons to kill strangers you can barely even see the faces of on a screen thousands of miles away from the comfort of an air-conditioned monitoring room. The Cro-Magnon is a wretched coward who lacks honour as you would expect of the descendants of Cain. Cro-Mags are definitely natural born killers, that's a fact. What they claim to be but will never attain is to be warriors. Warriors don't kill women and children and non-combatants. Period. They fight and kill other warriors. There is no honour in killing people who cannot fight back or pose no risk to you.


Arc said...

Much respect!

Bob Wallace said...

A poster on my site, after reading what I wrote, said I sounded like a "Thal brother," and I first thought of this site.

Phlebas the Phoenician said...

It seems to me that even a vestige of 'Thal DNA in your makeup, will result in a lifetime of exclusions from nearly ever facet of wider social interactions. Now I begin to understand why I always found playing Golf a dreary pastime. Yet, Cromags take to it like ducks to water.

styrac1 said...

40 million Russian headed to bunkers as massive Civil Defense Drill begins

Original Russian story from RIA

Russia will host a month of civil defense:

SergeiSiminov84 said...

@wikileaks 17h

Hillary Clinton on Assange "Can't we just drone this guy"

Gary said...


I have 2.7% Neanderthal DNA, and I also have Thal physiognomy (front and back).
It tends to produce INTJ or INTP personalities, so naturally introspective, deep-thinking truth seekers, prone to altruism and honesty. We hoard for disasters too. We eventually find Christ.
It does make it harder to interact with others, but not impossible.
But golf is the natural sport of Thals' It requires honesty, discipline, concentration and much effort, and can be played alone, out in the beautiful countryside, where even if you're having a shit round, you can enjoy watching the birds, the lambs, the sea, the rivers, the clouds.

If you seek online Thal brotherhood, Altrugenics is where it's at:

Phlebas the Phoenician said...


I think you're on the money concerning Thal personality tendencies. Too trusting and magnanimous for their own good. Yet, one would hope that God looks after the proverbial fools, small children, drunks "and Thals". Can't deny your "treatise" on golf. Early in my life, I regarded it as Bourgeoise, later seeing it as Masonic. Now it seems only a good way to get Vitamin D and stretch back, muscles, etc. I'm intrigued with your watching of the "lambs" Going a bit Asperger's Syndrome here I know, but I can't ever remember seeing a gold course anywhere near grazing land? For the life of me though, I could never imagine Galileo, Newton, Pascal or even Napoleon playing golf.

Eyzid said...

The old of Cro Magnon was 5'11.7"-the tallest of his kind. The associated pelvis was remarkable for its width and robusticity. It is said to dwarf his massive skull. He was originally estimated to be 6'3" based on the femurs, tibia, and vertebrae- the ~7ft estimate is based on comments that Cro Magnon man was 15 percent taller than an average modern human, and for his time he WAS. It's often thought that an average man today is about 6' tall- 115 percent of 6 feet is 6'10.8 inches.

The Observer said...

"Warriors don't kill women and children and non-combatants. Period. They fight and kill other warriors. There is no honour in killing people who cannot fight back or pose no risk to you."

Nits make lice.

When one of your opponent's major strategies is to outbreed and swarm you with their own, sending their sons to tempt and rape your daughters and turn them to their side, when their weapons are more wombs then bombs -

- When they train their children to kill specifically to take advantage of this reluctance -

- Then their women are warriors, too. From the womb of a saps shoggoth springs six or seven howling, bloodthirsty yahoos. Kill their women, save your children.

It's what's happening in Europe right now.

No doubt 'thal, slow to breed and anger, traditionally kept women out of their conflicts, but the savagery of saps knows no bounds.

Texas Arcane said...

@The Observer

To date, despite claims otherwise, nobody has ever found a woman or child who appeared to have died at the hands of a Neanderthal male. This includes at the sites of tribal wars between different Neanderthal tribes. This is so peculiar it is really disturbing to scientists because it portrays them as radically psychologically different.

This is why they always leap on any evidence a Neanderthal male or female cannibalized to screech they've finally discovered an exception. Wait a while and they always admit the likelihood they were not cannibalized by other Neanderthals.

Eyzid said...

You conflate Extant Sapiens with Cro Magnons, but Cro Magnons had larger craniums than 99.96 percent of the world's living population. The percentage of living people with the brain size, craniofacial morphology and proportions, AND subcranial traits of any adult Cro Magnon must be below 0.0005%.

Equating Cro Magnons with Saps is a sin on par with confusing a Neanderthal skull with that of Homo Erectus or Heidelbergensis. I mean, they all have those pointy occipitals and prominant brow ridges and slopped forheads, right?

The attitude towards violence and honour that you attribute to Neanderthals is identical to Cro Magnons'.
Why even draw a line between the evolved Amud Neanderthals and Cromags?

Eyzid said...

This is what a Cro Magnon's skull actually looks like compared to any early Neanderthal's.

Texas Arcane said...


I have always left open the possibility that the skull types seen in Amuds (which have changed from Cro-Magnon shaped to monkey shaped under Israeli stewardship since 1920) may be due to interbreeding or natural changes.

As for Cro-Magnon and murder of unarmed women, children and old people - I am afraid the fossil evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of indiscriminate killing in Cro-Magnons before 40,000 years. If the trait of restraint is in evidence anywhere in more recent times it is without question a result of Neanderthal interbreeding. Early Cro-Magnons didn't just kill women, children and the elderly ... considerable evidence exists that if a male showed weakness or fell and did not get up, they fell on him split his head open and ate his brains. No evidence of long term nursing is found amongst Cro-Magnons with major bone fractures that healed up because somebody cared for them. To show any weakness with Cro-Magnons was identical to wolf packs. They would fall on you and tear you apart.

Texas Arcane said...


Don't know if you have ever heard this, it is like Dead Sea Scrolls apocrypha ... very hushed up.

Recently the Israelis have been actually trying to wipe the pre-1945 anthropology out of the history books, with Israel removing all mention of the Palestine work from 1925 and earlier as though it had never happened ... after all, nobody was living in Palestine prior to 1945 according to their revisionist history.

The original archaeologists from Japan did excellent work and were very unhappy when their fossils were returned to Israel, where they are kept under lock and key from the public now exactly as with the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Israelis have begun to conflate Mousterian tools and Amud weapons with Acheulean manufacture, a horrific breach of the scientific method but a much simpler narrative. Most of the fantastic Amud weapons found have mysteriously vanished but it isn't just in Israel ... all the Clovis and Solutrean peoples artifacts have also vanished from the Smithsonian were they were once on public display.

Just something to keep in mind. Don't think every image you Google with "Neanderthal" is necessarily a correct skull. At least some of them are absolutely orangutang skulls and one was discovered in Germany to belong to a bear. The field is very highly charged politically even though chinks in the armor have begun to show recently.