Saturday, October 15, 2016

Must-See Hybrid Talk on YouTube

Very good. Agree with a great deal of what is said here.

Notice the fates of Neanderthals and Sapiens seem intertwined before the Cro-Magnons exterminated them 40,000 years ago. If we speak of only what is known in terms of DNA sequencing, how much evidence is there for Homo Sapiens being a light brand clone split off from the Neanderthals and then genetically engineered to become a Neanderthal-killing machine? A lot, as a matter of fact. If the conclusion weren't so incredible some scientists might describe it as obvious. This would explain so many things at once that it would all become clear. The problem is ... scientists are not permitted to reach that conclusion.

P.S. Speaker explains why the giants, the "melonheads" were always the ruling elites, with different breeds of Neanderthals in the middle as the enforcers and guards and the "little people" on the bottom as always. Plenty of variations in all three types of people worldwide but always the same three basic races of men ... melonheads, 'thals, slaves. The true 'thal type is never found in royal garb or in the center of the mound or adorned with the raiments of kings. Always the melon/giants.

P.P.S. Smithsonian excavated. Melons removed with all artifacts. Never heard of or seen ever again, never appears in photos, no further mention whatsoever. Like it never happened.


styrac1 said...

'Space Weather Events'?

cheddarman said...

Tex, the author draws the conclusion that the Denisovans were melonheads. Do you agree?

The stone walls in West Virginia show evidence of advanced building techniques. They would need cranes and other heavy lifting equipment at least on par with the Romans to move these heavy stone blocks and lift them into place. I would imagine that if "amature" archaeologists were allowed to excavate the site there, it might turn out to be one of the wonders of the ancient world, complete with temples, palaces, and a city for the working stiffs that serve the mellonheads. The "mining" operation seems like a cover for systematically destroying the site.

Before, you have mentioned that the mellonheads had a world wide trading network that was destroyed by a catastrophic event. In your opinion, does the flood account in the bible discuss the same catastrophe?

Edward said...

I get the impression that there was actually a majorly disruptive event, a natural disaster not a 'God' sent smiling, say ~6000 years ago, that took most of the world back to the virtual Stone Age from whatever heights they had previously reached. The rest of the more or less know history of the world be it biblical or archeological only covers our efforts to try to rebuild everything we once had.

We've come a long way, up to nukes and spaceships and iPhones etc, but I think we are probably hitting a limit to normal human capacity. If it now takes 20+ years of really competitive/intensive education to bring someone up to speed with all the necessary skills required for certain jobs, rocket science, brain surgery, quantum cpu design.., they'll have already burned out or retired before they've even had a chance to save up to buy their own home, much less pay off their student loan debts...

Anyhow, now that we're up on gene sequencing and population/migration pattern tracing and such we should be able to do some selective breeding and in a few generations pop out a few of a new breed of Neanderthal supermen/morlocks to look after us, or rule us I guess. I guess it's not such a bad deal if they only eat a few people a year... ;-)

Edward said...

I mean that's the thing isn't it? We have Neanderthals buildings sophisticated things in caves 175,000 years ago, meeting up with and interbreeding with homosapiens 50,000 years ago, and yet we are also expected to believe the whole world is roughly 6000 years old, and Adam basically begat everyone, up till the flood which killed them all, when Noah's clan were the only ones left who then begat everyone else. And we know about the ancient geeks and the romans who had sophisticated civilisations and maths and classical educations and such, but not that much in the way of technology beyond road building and sewage systems and armouries, technology which has only really taken off in the last 500 years in terms of science, 150 years in terms of industrial automation, 100 years in terms of electronics and 50 years in computing, and we're now only just about rediscovering many things that seem to have been widely known by these 'pre-flood' civilisations.

Ave said...

Edward, I completely agree with you regarding educated people burning out before they could get the return of their investment into education.

There multiple causes to this. One very important aspect is that education is seen as a "lifeboat" out of one's miserable existence, and thus it is clogged full with people who have no business being there. Both on the teacher side as on the pupil side.

But this is already for high education, you have to add to it the "social control / welfare / day care" aspect of lower education (school to high school) that wastes good potential in mixing them with violent / brain damaged people (drugs, medication, alcohol, bad food does that to a foetus).

Of course, since so few educated people make it out of the school system, there are too few of them, and thus they are ruled upon by power-hungry imbeciles who are eager to extract as much as possible out of them as rapidly as possible before they leave for some other similar place...

It's also a design flaw. Back in WW2, the US divisions were too heavily motorized (courtesy of the US government who wanted to get out of the Great Depression and its cronies who wanted to make money) and consumed too much stuff (ammo, POL etc.)

As a result, these divisions couldn't go very far because they were always in want.

Nowadays the economy is too complex and requires too much brainpower that isn't there in the first palce and not for long when it appears. This is all due to the original design and is BOUND TO FAIL.

This is why people with brains have anticipated the collapse of it all and some preparing to survive it.

Edward said...

I'm not sure I care enough to survive it, I mean Hillary Clinton was apparently looking up stuff about 'Decision Fatigue' but she is in her 60s, I kind of think that I've already reached that point in my 30s, and I don't think I've achieved anything like what I wanted to yet. I'm not sure exactly what it was I wanted to achieve now, I suppose I always thought that I'd do something new and different that I could be really proud of, but right now all I seem to manage is just getting through the next day, and that's fairly exhausting.