Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kwanstainia Lost The Philippines!!!

Barry Soetro wanted to rack up one more win before he left office.

How do you "lose" the Philippines? Is that actually a thing?

Entered the regional alliance with China. Evacuation/Expulsion of U.S. Bases is virtually a done deal. There goes part of the Pacific "Maginot Line" for WW3.

Good job, Barack. Another one for the legacy library. The President who lost the Philippines.

Erosion of the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty has been considered part of the cascade leading to World War III for sixty years. It has featured in science fiction and fantasy scenarios with the Philippines either getting annexed by China or willingly joining them. I read a description of this scenario by Herman Kahn in the 70's in some news magazine and never forgot it.

Eerie feeling of Deja Vu today when I saw this ... except it is like a memory of something that hasn't happened yet.

The Asian nations are simply starting to act in their own self interest. You can't blame them. Like most empires, the United States has self-destructed and the leaders of these countries can see it. They are increasingly concluding that they are backing a losing horse and need to join the umbrella of the Chinese in order to have any real security.


The Observer said...

I don't blame Duterte. He's just doing what it takes, no matter how unpalatable, to keep his people safe. A lot of the southeast asian countries - Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand - they've been the dumping grounds for the refuse and vices of the West, where the elite come to snort coke off little boys.

The drugs which plague the Philippines - he just knows where their bulk are eventually headed, and the US has been shitting on its historical allies of late.

Besides, everyone knows the Chinese terminators are going to be better than the affirmative-actioned US terminators designed by DeShawn and Latrina.

Ave said...

>> How do you "lose" the Philippines? Is that actually a thing?

An american tradition !

styrac1 said...

Here's another one:

styrac1 said...

By the way, if Bathhouse Barry is incompetent for losing the Philippines to China, then what to you call Putin for losing Ukraine - a part of Russia for centuries - to the US?

Sam said...

This is great news. Why should the US pay a fortune for the Oligarchs and Empire? Fuck the Empire.

We probably won't do it but we could use money saved on bases to make gyroplanes out our fleet of C-5's laying around in the desert and we wouldn't need bases. Bases today are just targets and are worthless.

Look at Dennis M. Bushnell, Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025] " he covers small drones that go across the Atlantic. We could do the same in the Pacific.

This is great news for the US and follows right along with what Trump is trying to do. If Empire doesn't pay then to hell with it. The British tried to hold onto the Empire even though the Nation and most of the people were big losers in the deal. Only a few rich people profited. With China becoming more aggressive the US will seem and will be a much safer place for business. Also those multinationals that were so fast to move to China will lose their asses to my great delight.

If we can get out of this 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty and make it look like it was the Philippines fault to get this Albatross off our necks we will be farting through silk.

Sam said...

Speaking of MacArthur. He did an absolutely weak, poor, emasculated job of preparing the Philippines for the Japanese attack. He could have attacked the Japanese planes and didn't. He had his planes all lined up to be shot. He should have had patrols out constantly. He left his fuel dump intact to be captured. He should have had a deep line of defense and supplies in the Bataan peninsula but he waited too late leading to the Bataan Death March. He should have made plans for the troops to disperse into the jungle with supply caches.

Jeff Smith said...

Sam...You are correct. MacAuthur pulled so many blunders that the American people should be classifying him with the likes of the incompetent Union generals during the Civil War.

Case in point: The Peleliu disaster of Sept to Nov 1944. The idea was to take the island because it had an airfield that could be used in the invasion of the Philippines.

After suffering 40% casualties on the Marine and Army units to defeat the Japs, the airbase idea was scrapped. So all those men died for nothing. Did Dugout Doug lose any sleep over that? I doubt it.

Doug was concerned with retaking the Philippines because his wife's family and he had many profitable investments there. Doug gave specific instructions to the military leaders to NOT harm any of his business interests there, despite it costing thousands of American casualties.