Thursday, October 6, 2016

Interesting Times

Doesn't sound good what is happening in Syria now

The United States has actually published statements about these provinces "falling to Assad." They neglected to mention that these cities actually elected Assad in a a democratic vote monitored by the United Nations, which failed to find any evidence of cheating. The United States is now overthrowing democratic regimes with it's army of ISIS terrorists.

EU about to break up in next ten days?

Just like the last Tower of Babel. What a shame.

This is Plan B coming up.

Mass Media claims godlike powers for government, control over climate and all natural forces.


styrac1 said...

Kwanstainia: Land of Fail

bicebicebice said... Hahaha!!!

Unknown said...

It is hard to believe that sunni majority would elect president from minority Alawite sect... Just saying.

Ave said...

@ Unknown : perhaps they care for competence rather than affiliation to one's perceived identity.

It would be tantamount to think that US women would vote for Hillary just because she's a woman herself... wait...

Never mind ;)

Ave said...

Addendum to my previous post, regarding competence of leadership.

Imagine any of the US presidency candidates, or even anybody who has a name in US politics, was in Assad's shoes. How would have Syria fared under this leadership ?

I'm not a fan of the guy but you have to admit he certainly showed leadership qualities in the last years.

Mex Arcane said...