Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Too Weird To Describe

Did Hillary Clinton DIE after the 9-11 Ceremony? One news station reported just that and then it was deleted from their online archive.

This might explain why the Democrats called an emergency meeting to discuss their options. Since most public figures do have doubles they can resource if they need to, it may be that they sent her double to meet the press to buy them some time.

Wait before you open the champagne. This will not stay quiet for long if this is the case.


styrac1 said...

The Catholic Church: Another Soros Foundation

"Of no less interest is the trusting relationship between Pope Francis and Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga, who due to his closeness to Francis is often considered 'vice-pope', " Shatov noted. "Soros' empire considers Maradiaga a key figure in its information campaign, and Soros himself is confident that the Cardinal will gladly promote the billionaire's initiatives in the Vatican and, more importantly, influence the Pope himself.

bicebicebice said...

You never did mention Pepe on Vault-co, come to think of it.

Vault Boy, Thal supremacist.

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