Saturday, September 3, 2016

They Tried To Wipe Byzantium Out Of The History Books For A Reason

It was the most successful civilization that ever existed.

That's the reason they didn't teach you about Byzantium in school.


Takudzwa Aywok said...

1000 years.. haha, that was the goal of the third reich, also.

By the way, I know it may be unrelated to your post, but I found something very interesting, which really confirms to me that Neanderthals were peaceful and that this is the kind of behaviour a harsh environment will tend produce. The similarities between those two peoples are uncanny, bear in mind the fact that Neanderthals did cave painting, and note the things that those people carved on trees.
From wikipedia:
"Lacking resources of cultural significance such as greenstone and plentiful timber, they found outlets for their ritual needs in the carving of dendroglyphs (incisions into tree trunks, called rakau momori). Some of these carvings are protected by the J M Barker (Hapupu) National Historic Reserve."

"Moriori are the indigenous people of the Chatham Islands (Rēkohu in Moriori, Wharekauri in Māori), east of the New Zealand archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. These people lived by a code of non-violence and passive resistance (see Nunuku-whenua), which made it easier for Taranaki Māori invaders to nearly exterminate them in the 1830s."

"The Chathams are colder and less hospitable than the land the original settlers left behind, and although abundant in resources, these were different from those available where they had come from. The Chathams proved unsuitable for the cultivation of most crops known to Polynesians, and the Moriori adopted a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Food was almost entirely marine-sourced - protein and fat from fish, fur seals and the fatty young of sea birds. The islands supported about 2000 people.[citation needed]
Moriori tree carving or dendroglyph

Lacking resources of cultural significance such as greenstone and plentiful timber, they found outlets for their ritual needs in the carving of dendroglyphs (incisions into tree trunks, called rakau momori). Some of these carvings are protected by the J M Barker (Hapupu) National Historic Reserve.

As a small and precarious population, Moriori embraced a pacifist culture that rigidly avoided warfare, substituting it with dispute resolution in the form of ritual fighting and conciliation.[citation needed] The ban on warfare and cannibalism is attributed to their ancestor Nunuku-whenua.

...because men get angry and during such anger feel the will to strike, that so they may, but only with a rod the thickness of a thumb, and one stretch of the arms length, and thrash away, but that on an abrasion of the hide, or first sign of blood, all should consider honour satisfied.
— Oral tradition [13]

This enabled the Moriori to preserve what limited resources they had in their harsh climate, avoiding waste through warfare, such as may have led to catastrophic habitat destruction and population decline on Easter Island. However, when considered as a moral imperative rather than a pragmatic response to circumstances, it also led to their later near-destruction at the hands of invading North Island Māori.

Moriori castrated some male infants in order to control population growth.[14]"

They then got exterminated by Maoris coming from the North.

Lugh said...

The Great City ended up sucking the life out of at least part of the larger Empire. Big ranchers bought up all the small farms in Asia Minor and the people left the villages and towns to try and find work in the City. Thus when the Turks arrived, there was virtually no people and no resistance. They just rode in and besieged the City.

MycroftJones said...

The Byzantine Orthodox Church has records of church approved gay marriage ceremonies and vagina worshipping hymns to the Virgin Mary from... wait for it... exactly the time that Prophet Mohammed started his meteoric rise. Connection? No. No way.

Eyzid said...

This study indicates that Bronze Age Greek skulls were morphologically related to the Cro Magnon skull from Dordogne.!po=23.6111

Texas Arcane said...


... except at that stage, these "Cro-Magnons" were in reality the seafaring Celtics who bragged that their superior qualities all came from their "fairy wives" in the "Tuatha De Danann." The Celtics said they were superhumans because they were interbred with the children of the Tuatha De Danann. The Celts said they Tuatha De Danann were overcome by sheer force of numbers but were otherwise creatures one rung less than the "gods" in intelligence, craft, prowess and strength. For this reason the Celtics said they were destined for greatness because of this heritage.

Takudzwa Aywok said...

I kind of doubt now that tha Tuatha De Danann were Neanderthals. They were described as having had high foreheads, and they seemed to have high levels of technology compared to what pure Neander's should have had.
It seems natural to me that earlier cro-magnons would have had occipital buns and other neanderthal traits tough but I doubt it came from tuatha de danann heritage.
I think they might have been melon. If they had acquired neanderthal heritage, right after the intermixing they wouldn't have been a people that brags.
Besides, we find traces of the Tuatha De Danann everywhere. Even in India! Some legends tell us of a kingdom in which everyone would leave his door open, because being robbed wasn't something likely in this kingdom. And the king was a happy and generous one.
Neanderthal runs away and avoids peoples and civilization. The interaction with them described in some of those legends is very unsuggestive of them having been Neanderthals.

Also, I feel everything I gathered about them so far suggests they would have been gregarious people. I mean, to a normal level, too much for them to be Neanderthals.

Neanderthal only be with his extended family.

Takudzwa Aywok said...

getting robbed* wasn't something likely to happen*

Man I don't phrase stuff well sometimes