Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Reason We Are Doing The Permaculture Lab First For CD-OS

It's the most important component. More important than even security and communications modules.

If we have the permaculture in a closet debugged and included as a module in the first release on Github of CD-OS, our software is going to be the bomb in the survivalist/prepper community.

Still nervous about eating the fish. They are worth their weight just for the nitrates they produce for the plants. I am still deliberating - do I want goldfish in the internal tank sheerly for their value as fertilizers or do I want silver perch? Tilapia are illegal in Australia (of course.) They are the perfect fish for aquaculture ... because they are ugly bastards with faces nobody could anthropomorphize. If I raise the silver perch I think I am likely to get too attached to them. If I raise the goldfish with no intention of eating them, I think I'd feel a lot better during the conclusion of the test duration. Goldfish live for many years and would be worth their minimal feed just to produce the nutrient solution for the plants. I could always take the goldfish back to the pet store if I feel they are getting too big for the tank.

This is also the test case I am using to debug the Lua scripted modbus service, which afterwards will be fit to control anything else you want to attach to CD-OS and monitor in an HMI SCADA setting. I am taking pains to even make the manifest editors and tools very flexible and easy to set up.


MycroftJones said...

Try carp. A dull colored wild variant of gold-fish, I'm informed. Also quite edible.

Ibn Nafis said...

Obivously the judge is a she.

Adam Timbermann said...

I think James Sholto Douglas tried something like that in his book Survival Greenhouse.

I am planning to head to the great north woods hopefully within the next 2 to 3 years.
Been looking for cheap woods and been working on getting out of debt and acquiring tools and books.

Since I have a large family we are planning to go with used campers (power, septic, and basic infrastructure already set up) just need to connect the septic to a composter, the water lines to a water source and pump and the power to a 12v system. After that... we will be buying a big steel shed (30x60 with 12 foot sidewalls) to use as a workshop/home/library. Still haven't figured out what kind of shelter to build, but I do want to incorporate it with the library building.

I have a notebook full of designs.. many of which have to do with using solar and earth for heating and cooling.

Texas Arcane said...


An utterly awesome book by Douglas, I have it in both paperback and hardback. I based many of my ideas on his research including power consumption from solar panel inputs. He had syntropic suggestions like putting a small light over the water tank to draw insects at night away from the plants and cause them to fall into the tank where the fish could eat them as extra feed.

Adam Timbermann said...

The late MIke Oehler also had a survival greenhouse design in which he used a deep pit to help regulate temperatures. He raised rabbits inside the pit.

Kurt Saxon published a design that used hydroponic beds over chicken and rabbit cages with earthworm beds underneath and a raised bed down the center.

The beds produced food for the people and the waste went to feed the worms, chickens and rabbits.

The chickens produced eggs, meat, garden fertilizer and worm food.

The rabbits produced meat, fur, garden fertilizer and worm food.

The worms produced garden fertilizer and chicken food.

I know Kurt Saxon's writings are all out of print, but there is one authorized dealer for his DVD library that has all his writings and books. Its on ebay. If you like I can search my purchases and get the name for you. The Survivor series is amazing.

Sam said...

Kurt Saxon is excellent. Here's his page, I think his, om thermos bottle cooking. On the side bar is a link to his DVD. His direct Kurt Saxon web page is not loading.

Adam Timbermann said...

Kurt doesn't own/control his website any more. He has a stroke 4 or 5 years ago and is in an assisted living home the last I heard. When his website came up for renewal it got snaked by a guy who posts links to books on amazon to get commissions.

I talked with the ebay seller I mentioned above... he talked with Kurt on the phone a couple times a month from 92 until 2003. Kurt had plans to make 26 Survivor volumes or 26 more Survivor volumes. No one knows what happened to all his research materials.

I have been buying every Stanley Aladdin thermos I could find at second hand stores and yard sales because of that article. Around here those are $40 to $50 new... The most I paid is $5... with most costing $3 or less.

Texas Arcane said...


You guys are preaching to the choir. I have always thought Kurt was brilliant - basically Vault-Co 1.0 for decades. In retrospect you read his stuff and you can see he was way ahead of his time. I have always wanted to build his infinite fish food generator from maggots. He was very eccentric but what do you expect, clearly he had few contemporaries that were bright enough to understand what he was talking about.

You're right about his thermos cooker, that was an incredible idea. I tried it many times over the years and it is about as cheap and nutritious a meal as you can make. I normally spend about $40 a day in the city on food, I think using Kurt's thermos system I had that down to about 40 cents a day for a couple of months.

So my fireless cooker superinsulated 12 volt cooking system (coming soon with Vault-OS controller and monitor) was essentially his idea changed into a permanent low maintenance cooking station in an underground vault with the volume in mind to cook for an entire family using the least amount of hot water possible. I built a version of this for my shelter in Brisbane and cooked one meal in it to test it, then never used it again. I have improved on it a little since then.