Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Neanderthal Diet For At Least 400,000 Years

The most efficient in terms of yield, maintainability, calories and nutritional value.

It is almost impossible to give the red pill to ordinary people about the herder race because all their lives everything they have been taught about food is a marvelous pack of lies. They inhabit a world where sunlight is bad for you and sugar is an important food group but fat and protein gives you heart disease. These same people will tell you that religion is crazy.


Mick Hogg said...

Neanderthals were stereotyped as savages for a century — all because of one French scientist

bicebicebice said...

Maybe the French were trying to keep all the cheese for themselves??? saps confirmed as a manufactured race.

KW Jackson said...

Still think it was yogurt. You can carry a gourd of it with you to keep it warm so it will culture as you do your day's labours.