Sunday, September 4, 2016

Putin Goes Full LARP for Fallout

I think they're gonna be okay.

The rest of the sheeple, not so much.


Ibn Nafis said...

Satan-2. Very appropriate name for a nuke which could turn an entire country into hell.

nfoe said...

I don't know if nukes exist, being from the modern age, and despite this meme being pushed by retarded flat-earthers, there are a few cases worth mentioning:

The testimony of Alexander de Seversky.
The testimony of General Crawford Sams,
The completeness of MacArthur's censorship in Japan.

The fact that the Bank of Japan, which was under the supposed fireball, was completely unharmed by the bombing and opened its doors again in a matter days.

The fact that there is the unmelted church in Nagasaki which supposedly received a direct hit.

The fact that it has been reported that there is no DNA damage in the Hiroshima survivors.

Then there are the fake videos and photos with black carbon smoke, and bad Russian fakery video of trees blowing over with but with visible saw cuts in them, 
Then there is the fact that all the craters seem somewhat undersized for the supposed Kilo- (Mega-) tons of explosive force.

Then there are the photos of supposed vaporisation where people were vaporised but the backing unharmed.

Also, and perhaps most important to note are the well-documented criticality excursions that failed to blow up, including one Lady Godiva excursion, where they had an accidental prompt criticality which involved more 95%+ enriched U-235 than the supposed bomb they dropped on Hiroshima, that did did not "fizzle" or disassemble but only only warped and melted slightly, despite being stuck for more than the fraction of an instant that is supposedly necessary, .

Circumstantial hints, like all the film coming from one studio only, or that the inventors were all of Jewish descent except for (I think) Seaborg and Fermi and the "Atomic reporter" and others besides, are suspicious but do not prove anything. 

There is also the headline "No Radioactivity In Hiroshima Ruin" which is supposedly a lie but might actually be true.

Then there is the fact that that the sun is made of iron and cannot possibly be powered by fusion, and that fact that no hot hydrogen fusion reaction has sustained itself outside a supposed hydrogen bomb explosion.

I suspect that if one did the math then one would find that fissions from neutron collisions to not happen in a never-ending infinite power curve but reach a steady state where release is balanced by escape for that certain geometry.

Texas Arcane said...


I could tell you what I think is happening here as a natural progression of the internet.

Initially, the power of nuclear weapons was vastly exaggerated to frighten the enemy. Wild tales of fantasy science were later used to discourage the public on insisting on better civil defense programs. So after blowing up atomic weapons to be the end of all civilisation it has gradually emerged that they are worse than conventional weapons but hardly extermination tools. As more and more people have discovered the propaganda behind their initial programs (also used to justify their outrageous budgets) the countervailing opinion they don't even exist has obviously become an alternative.

The truth is really bad. After 50 years of exaggeration it is just recently the 4th gen weapons being produced by Russia and China are finally the 50's super weapons that lay waste to continents ... as the population of the West is talking itself into the viewpoint that no civil defense is necessary. Sadly, this has happened many times before in history. Enemies exaggerated initially to terrify citizens meanwhile became as threatening as they were originally claimed to be both in numbers and effectiveness. This means the subsequent war was maximum casualties.

It is tragic that after 50 years of exaggerated effects, most modern people's first real experience with nuclear weapons will be the Russian Yakhont or Satan-2 detonating overhead and knocking their entire city flat. The weapons they were claiming didn't exist really will be used to exterminate them.

Kona Commuter said...

The comments at that link were disturbing. As far as I can tell, Russia isn't the aggressor, far from it. The threat from Russia is the same you'd face by threatening your neighbour over a prolonged period of time, make a big show about how you're going to kill his entire family, then loudly walk over there saying you're going to kill him as you kick in his door. Suddenly you're met with two blasts to your chest from your neighbours coach gun (the same as copping 18 shots from a 9mm at the same time). In other words, stay in your own yard and stop threatening your neighbour and the "threat" ceases to exist

FWIW George Soro's pays me $1 every time I type "You" "you're" or "your". Easiest money I've ever made :-)

mexicano said...


I am pretty much in agreement with what you say.

Have you been following the Daily Bell articles on the subject? Here is a recent one -

You seem knowledgable on the subject. May I suggest you start a closed group on facebook for people to discuss these things. I was going to do it but I lack a scientific understanding of the issues involved. I looked the other day and there doesn´t seem to be one.

Texas Arcane:

I am sure that you´re right about these weapons improving all the time, but what makes you so sure that they are now as lethal as you say they are?

Jehu said...

Speaking of deadman triggers and George Soros, seems to me he must have a hardcore deadman trigger, otherwise it stresses disbelief that he's still breathing considering the number of major governments he's given cause for war. Any idea how that works?

Texas Arcane said...


Vast advances in solid state electronics that control the detonation that are enormous improvements over the Flintstones tech of the 1950's. For example, compression triggers that make the mass go critical. In the 60's there were scientists sworn to secrecy so they would not tell the American public that only about 1 in 4 ICBMs was going to reach its target or detonate successfully because only a few years of storage could severely degrade the crude timing components in the bomb and any component malfunctioning would result in a failure to achieve critical mass. Not just the bomb itself but the accuracy and reliability of intercontinental missiles was enormously exaggerated to frighten the enemy and civilians. Meanwhile, 50 years later the new generations of weapons can hit a dime on the other side of the planet and have timing mechanisms that guarantee critical mass on arrival. It took 50 years for the propaganda to catch up with the reality.

Texas Arcane said...


Previous ABM systems seemed practical because the slow speed of the ICBMs made it possible to hit it with a smaller conventional explosive. Today's hypersonic drones traveling at thirty times the speed of sound with a plasma field in front of them to defeat radar makes all conventional ABM tech totally obsolete. Short of destroying the country first before the enemy gets there you have almost no practical anti-ballistic system even orbital that is going to be able to reliably intercept inbounds.

nfoe said...

I did read that most modern mosfets are fast enough to replace the expensive relays that were on the old plutonium bombs.

Also, I suspect there have been enough nukes secreted into in the foreign embassies of a certain country to make a serious dent in Western civilisation even without expensive delivery vehicles.

That is, if they exist - just because I said the above does not mean I am an authority on the subject. Logic has limitations - perspective is much more important.

nfoe said...

The fact that the sun is NOT made of gas is extremely important and everyone is too ignorant to comprehend the enormity of this revelation.

No gas = no hydrogen fusion, which is a dumb theory anyway.

This does not mean that H-bombs do not exist.

nfoe said...


Don't use f***book.

Don't expect answers from others.
Don't assume the truthfulness of information - but don't perform two-valued logic on it straight away, either.

Check my facts.

Take some potassium iodide to increase physical metabolism.