Thursday, September 1, 2016

Phidgets (With Source Code)

Pretty convenient USB interfaces here and growing in popularity.

Maybe worth writing a Lua scripted service for generic interfaces to these kinds of devices.

The first hardware service for CD-OS will be Lua to Modbus service. (I stopped calling them "daemons" in the latest version)

The second hardware service will likely be Lua to I2C ... followed by samples for parallel ports, serial ports, RS-485 and even joystick and audio jacks. (Helps a lot in measuring things like clicks from a geiger counter of any model)

Biggest problem I could see with these boards is they are not redundant unless you buy multiples of them and even then you don't have the ultimate option of stripping parts off abandoned cars. CD-OS will be complete when anything in it can be replaced by ubiquitous salvage operations. The parallel port really was the ultimate apocalyptic interfacing port for a computer. I could write fifty paragraphs about what you could do with simple wiring of a parallel port in different configurations. You could build a covox speech synthesizer with a dozen resistors for the parallel port and I have done just that in a single day's work. You could interface to a CCD camera with a handful of parts. I mean, anything can be interfaced to a parallel port and even optically isolated. It's really a shame they don't include them by default on computers any longer.

If anyone who visits Vault-Co has a chance to experiment with this I'd be really interested in hearing feedback from others on it. (USB RS-485) I have ordered one but probably won't have a look at it until after I get the universal modbus service released in open source for CD-OS. (Before December! Itz coming this time!)


theepilgrim said...

Two topics covered in this video I'm sure you'll be interested in: 1) GPS does not require relativistic correction and 2) apparently this information is so damaging that someone employed just-in-time censorship to keep it from becoming widespread knowledge.

Texas Arcane said...


You should know, Pilgrim, that I believe considerable effort is being made in counter propaganda to discourage any preparation or civil defense by Western people and that they are doing everything in their power to suppress any attempt to upgrade the nuclear force ... which they are correct in asserting barely has any working devices left compared with Russia and China.

This serves two ends:

1. Maximize casualties
2. Reserve that money for aid to one particular foreign country

Texas Arcane said...


... and the premise that relativity and its mathematics is all junk science is canon here.

Edward said...

Well I'm just a loser who can't to the real math, but I'm kind of the opinion that there is a real physics that explains everything that is being withheld because it would be really dangerous to let everyone know, and the existing energy supply paradigm keeps the established power structure in place, and a fake physics that approximates the same results using different mental models, but self-consistent equations, so that we can build things in electronics and chemistry etc. but we can't really understand what is going on underneath.
Having been spoon-fed the fake science we rely on the inherent narcissism of the geeky personality to attempt to debunk any upstart who challenges the established concensus.
If anyone comes close to presenting a design for a device that works off any principles outside of the established model, it is quietly got rid of.
Who knows how long this paradigm has been in place, or who knows the real physics outside the likes of Lockheed Martin etc. I've no idea.
Of course the whole concept is a crazy conspiracy theory, and who out there is clever enough that they could come up with a convincing enough fake science just to keep the messes in ignorance?