Saturday, September 10, 2016

Paul Keating Was The Last Intelligent Prime Minister That Australia Had

Time to bow out of America's War Party

I have been following the former Prime Minister for years and it is obvious he was the single brightest man in that office in the past half century.

Australia needs to get a foreign policy of it's own. Not simply act as a satellite of the United States and be dragged into an endless series of meaningless wars. World War III is coming and Australia either needs to get ready to fight it with nukes of its own or officially become a neutral nation and benevolent towards all. Doing nothing has not been an option for a long time but Australia is good at letting decades slip by without taking action on anything. We need leaders, not these drunken caretakers who squat in Canberra at present. Leadership. The real thing. Not cheesy substitutes or weaklings who act as agents of George Soros. Leadership. Male authority with martial virtues.

"Australia needs a foreign policy, and it needs it urgently. Australia does not have a foreign policy," he (Keating) said talking in Sydney on Tuesday.
"We both need and deserve a nuanced foreign policy which does take account of these big seismic shifts in the world. And we can't ever be caught up in some containment policy of China ... to assist the Americans in trying to preserve strategic hegemony in Asia and the Pacific."
Can we elect this guy again? The bums since his time in office are a succession of born losers and they are going to get everybody in this nation killed. I mean it. They are assisting in genocide. If Australia stays on its present course this will be a radioactive plain of cobalt salted earth where nothing is going to grow for a thousand years. That means I am going to have to improve my food storage plans considerably.

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