Tuesday, September 6, 2016

More Post-Apocalyptic "Dead Hand" Gold From Dima Fedotov!!

This is sort of the upbeat conclusion to his amazing short film "Fortress" featured here previously on Vault-Co. The ending is quite beautiful and less grim than the previous film.


Ave said...

At 00;40 there is a human face fitted with some sort of sensors, perhaps not all humans are dead but some have been "repurposed" as auxilliary computing hardware it seems.

It was also the original idea of the "Matrix" movies (the whole simulation runs on human brains as hardware before the makers decided the US public would be too dumb to understand this (or perhaps the political / social implications of it would be too toxic...)

styrac1 said...

In this interview a Russian analyst explains that the latest internal developments in Russia - about which the west is completely ignorant about - signal that the Kremlin is preparing for a major global confrontation.