Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lateral Projectiles Can Be Very Deadly

The Neanderthal's flying stone frisbee was no laughing matter. Thrown correctly a lateral projectile weapon is essentially an airborne blender if it is traveling fast enough. The aboriginal weapon is of a different design to the flint discs hurled by Neanderthal but is demonstrably lethal.

The real failure of the 'Thal air disk was at extended ranges. Without a part of his brain devoted to precision arc throws of overhead weapons (spearchucking) it meant that the heavily customized brain of Homo Sapiens would have kept him just out of range in a combat scenario. It didn't hurt that even the most modest estimates have the Neanderthal outnumbered 1000 to 1 in Europe. A death frisbee is no match at all for a thousand spears coming from 30 meters. At closer quarters it would be over quickly and the Neanderthal would win. The problem was, these encounters never took place at close quarters according to the fossil evidence at places like Shanidar in Palestine. This is why Sapiens dominated the 'Thals easily with numbers and ranged weapons. The constancy of ambushes as a tactic is hinted at by the surroundings in which these conflicts took place. It almost always looks like the Neanderthal was trapped in a ravine with Cro Magnons flinging spears from both sides. This was such a clever killzone for the otherwise undefeatable Neanderthal you have to wonder if the Cro Magnons were taught to use this approach before they began their campaign of genocide at the southern end of Europe.

Hans Asperger mentioned that when the "little professors" were of European stock, it was common to find they were much more agile than ordinary children in every way except one - Aspergers Syndrome children can't throw like their counterparts. It is not a matter of late development or even stunted development. They never seem to have the very fine dedicated systems in the brain for hurling a weapon overhead and projecting the endpoint of the arc that is created ... at least not with the accuracy of Sapiens.


Aeoli Pera said...

Hans Asperger mentioned that when the "little professors" were of European stock, it was common to find they were much more agile than ordinary children in every way except one - Aspergers Syndrome children can't throw like their counterparts.

Mix the populations though, and the heroes of the Illiad pop up.

Takudzwa Aywok said...

I think that Sapiens won because he had more of this thing that melonheads have in great amounts, that would have qualified them as being more "Evolved" than Neanderthals. I think that something part of their greater "evolvedness", would have been lower levels of testosterone, and so a behaviour that would have been less dictated by such things as urges, instincts, ect. My little finger tells me testosterone produces in males a tendency to fight fairly, directly, openly y'know, frontally, and that this is the case because the victor of a fight in which all of the participants would adopt this fighting style will tend to be more dictated by who was best biologically equipped to start with, and nothing else.

Such things as instincts never change. The essence of being evolved is .. I have a hard time translating that from feelings and pictures to words, but I think that the words "flexibility" and ehhmm shit how could you say that. Through use of your intellect, changing the environment in your favor, so that you may not have to rely merely on what nature has given you. Rising above this. Rising above the natural pattern of things, escaping them if those are the right words. I believe Cro-Mag/Melon packer cognitive style and capacity to have memes is a part of this, and that magic and wizardry are paramount of evolvedness. Magic = visible facets of a greater whole which we do not see or understand. That would stick with the association between melons and magic and melons having more of evolvedness than all the rest... Think of Kukulkan who causes fire to rain all over his aggressors instead of just fighting them.
It appears melons were really wizard pretty close to how we picture wizards. Read about how Viracocha dressed..

"Viracocha was described as "a man of medium height, white and dressed in a white robe like an alb secured round the waist, and that he carried a staff and a book in his hands."[7]"


But no problemo. This little default that Thals have, the way to fixing this is by making use of the Deep sock's tendency to love clearly spelled out rules and protocols and laws and such.
"Thou Shalt Restrain yourself from being fair in your fighting style, And let yourself be vicious and tricky towards those which are not of your race"
It's a damn shame because something tells me an occ back has the potential to be far better.. and cunning and creative in his tricks than any cro mag could be

Takudzwa Aywok said...

And all of this that I said sticks really well with all those things that indicate the original conehead arch-melons would have been androgynous, with very low levels of testosterone. I think it would explain why kind of rich, noble people or your boss or the people who are really in charge can happen to be pictured as being feeble and not made to fight.
An exemple of "evolvedness":

Takudzwa Aywok said...

If you think about it, to be a loner like a Neanderthal is is an animal thing as well and the cro-mag and melon's gregariousness could be said to be part of "evolvedness".
Bears and other animals are always alone. That reflects in the way Neanderthals and melons think. Melons are debaters who need to rely on other people and debate with other people kinda and to take decisions can reason as a group . We see so many references in ancient texts of angels proceeding that way. The one angels who had sex with human women and are talked of in the book of enoch, their action was the outcome of a debate, reasoning as agroup.