Friday, September 23, 2016

Israel No Longer Poisons It's Own Population

Protect your teeth so you leave a good looking corpse
Officially banned.

They have seen shrinking IQ scores for years in Israel and are bright enough to reform themselves in response to feedback from the real world. This is a capacity lost now in the Western nations.

Australia has been bringing it in everywhere in big doses at the same time that the rest of the planet has been outlawing it as a dangerous neurotoxin. This shows you just how slow they are on the uptake. It seems to imply they may follow suit but I predict if they ever do it will no longer matter at that point.


Aeoli Pera said...

Dumb people are easier to rule.


People in power like to keep their populations as dumb as possible.


People in power are generally ruthless.

"Absolutely, you'd have to be."

People in power will put stuff in the water to make their populations dumber.

"They would never!"

bicebicebice said...

KW Jackson said...

Required to add fluoride to water by law! Health fluoridation act of 1973.

styrac1 said...

Kali Yuga entry #27435

Adam Timbermann said...

What kind of water filter would you recommend for a shelter? I lucked out when prepper passed away and his kids traded off all hi 10-15 year old freeze dried food, books, rad meters and water filters. I have Two Berkey units with 8 filters between the two and another dozen ceramic filters as spares.

My idea was to pound a well then build an above ground shelter around it.

Solar panel on the outside to run some computer fans and LED light strands.
Another to charge AGM jump packs for the tablets, and mini computer.

Probably some kind of hand pump for moving water... Used efficiently my family of 12 or more depending on how many extra people we take in... will use at least 12 gallons per day of drinking water...

Texas Arcane said...


100% certain my next shelter will not only have an internal well but a freshwater shallow pool where I can fish for aquaculture.

In building my past three previous shelters I have seen that the highest priority would be securing clean water from a deepwater aquifer. Everything else is secondary.

I talked about this with the company that is excavating my shelter and they said if I subcontract the job to a well digger and they pour the slab for it, they can build around it after that. So I will have to schedule a 4 week hiatus once the foundation is excavated for the well to be constructed before the crew returns. It's expensive but once you have the internal well everything else is downhill. Once the shelter is completed you have already solved the biggest problem of low energy provision of water. You can also filter from other sources but there can arise problems with this approach no matter what - whereas a deep well provides you the most important survival need at all times.