Friday, September 16, 2016

Good NWO Primer

The agenda has been introduced without major opposition for the last 50 years.

Occultists believe that the Messiah can be forced to come if the Earth is driven into the same wickedness the world was in the days of Noah. It doesn't matter if you are atheist or agnostic - you should know that the people who actually run the world are driven by primitive occultism. They really believe that if they do enough evil they can coerce God and force his hand in response. I am not saying that is a sane viewpoint - that is irrelevant. This is the way the elites think.

H.G. Wells wrote a lot about how to implement this agenda as a worldwide revolution one step at a time; he was heavily influenced by the Frankfurt school. It was always considered best to proceed in plain sight and to teach people that to even question the motives of others was paranoia. In this way more and more of it has unraveled in the public sphere with documentation for every watermark so it can scarcely be argued that anything conspiratorial could be taking place.

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Kona Commuter said...

ISIS has an airforce now?

My money says (1) it wasn't an accident and (2) members of the ISIS group were US spies / special forces / CIA