Sunday, September 11, 2016

Farmbot Genesis - Ultimate Garden Automation

The perfect setup in every way except cost and materials.

Version 3 of my permaculture lab is going to be this plus built with scavenged/ubiquitous parts that can be found everywhere. That stepper motor and rail frame is not as complex as you might think. The raw parts are cheap now on EBay. It needs to run on cross-platform source code that can be compiled for any platform and run through the web server logic.

All that thing needs is a monitor display in CD-OS, solar power and fish nutrients tank and shelter dwellers will have arrived. The food will practically grow itself.

Farmbot Genesis is a good step towards the ideal subterranean garden system.

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Ibn Nafis said...

Keep going man. It is pleasureful to read your technology-related posts. When I was 13 years old walking alone I used to excite my mind by thinking about technologies and electronics.