Sunday, September 18, 2016

"Brain Size Doesn't Matter"

... that's what they've been telling those of us born with colossal heads for ages.

Melonheads know the opposite is true and have wholeheartedly suppressed the truth for decades.

Remember, real science will always make liars out of the left. It is the nature of their ideology that they always canvas for the antipodes of truth.

See now how accurate I was in calling them "melonheads" over ten years ago? They know it but they want everyone else to pretend they don't see it. They are a race that encompasses many ethnic groups but ultimately is of one mind on most subjects.

Neanderthals were polyphasic sleepers - you heard this on Vault-Co ten years ago as well.

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Sven Johnson said...

There's one great reason to sleep this way: hunting. Wake early while the game is moving in the morning, sleep midday, then wake up when the game is out again in the evening.