Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Another Socialist Paradise Achieves Nirvana

Socialism is a form of government that always makes death seem more attractive.

Ten years ago whenever I read glowing praise of Hugo Chavez I would chuckle.

Always ends like this. Manboons are not a learning animal. They could reproduce the same lesson once or a million times, they would never learn a thing from it.

In Australia whenever I hear the locals touting the success of their own socialist utopia I always think "I need to get more food with storage life in excess of twenty years."

This is why I think Australians are utterly incapable of self-understanding. The inability to identify the problem means problem solving is impossible.

"I do not believe that man will be 'better' in the future; I do not believe that man is ever better or worse; he is always the same. But at certain times the demonic erupts into mankind not only secretly, among criminals and psychopaths, but openly and on a large scale; it takes on a political life and sweeps whole nations off their feet."
 -- Hermann Hesse - Author (1877-1962)


Ron said...

You are also going to need to do it discretely.

Gary said...

Au revoir Paris....socialist mission accomplished...

Steve Barison said...

Wow, that Hillary protection racket meme is awesome!