Sunday, September 18, 2016

Agenda 21 Soft Kill Graduated Genocide

40% in 16 years.

Notice everything imaginable is blamed in the article except diet, sleep deprivation and vaccine schedules. The most likely culprits.

They are still teaching children to avoid sunlight and serving diet coke to toddlers.

Socialism is working for the people of Venuezuela. Globalism means making it work for everyone.


styrac1 said...

What do you make of the notion that restoring the role of the state in America as the supreme institution where citizens will aspire to become part of participate is the only antidote to the fragmentation brought by losing the culture wars, identity politics, de-sovereignazation and globalism?

Dave Narby said...

Soft is too slow, evolution will compensate.

I look forward to reincarnating into a world of cancer resistant, artificial 'organic' molecule transmuting neo-humans.

bicebicebice said...