Saturday, August 20, 2016

World War III : 4th Generation Science Fiction Superweapons

... all fielded by Russia and China.

The losers who run the Western world will never admit their childlike 1960's technology has been eclipsed overnight by the Russians and Chinese. Those who do are essentially announcing their surrender in advance.

Exterminated by lego blocks - the engineers behind these new weapons are thinking so far ahead that we will admit something for the first time on Vault-Co in sixteen years on the internet. Lately when reading about these developments and talking to contacts I have in Australia, I am convinced that some of these military thinkers in Russia and China are actually ahead of me mentally in foreseeing the next step in weapons evolution. All the speculations of the wildest science fiction writers about Doomsday weapons in the 1950's are coming true.

I confess that I did not think that we would see unarmed flying battering rams in our lifetime only carrying nuclear payloads that flew at hypersonic speed. I thought World War III would arrive before the technology got that far. The truth is that it is already way beyond that point. I never dreamed that these unmanned drones might be completely autonomous and even handling their own evasive maneuvers. This is one of the first steps towards Skynet and a war fought completely by intelligent machines.

Assume the cobalt death shroud because it is going to happen. The final resort was always assumed to be the United State's last defense if all else failed.

Meanwhile in the United States the ICBMs have long ago rusted in their silos and the population is mostly occupied watching Ru Paul's Drag Race. Most of them would not know about anything happening outside the idiot box that is designed for the occupation and conquest of their minds. That war is already long over.


bicebicebice said...

Kyle Duck said...

But other than that things should be fine!

Gary said...

I'm not sure I would have any faith in the *news* as reported by Sputnik.
It's much like reading on Bloomberg that Russia is to blame for the Ukraine situation. Both sources and both stories are propaganda.

Apart from the US, I don't see any other major power that has projected power much at all in the past 2 or 3 decades, the Chinese and Russians are sitting back awaiting the inevitable dollar collapse. They don't desire WW3 at all, nor obliterating America. America's/the West's collapse will be more than enough for China and Russia to celebrate, and it will happen without the need for conflict.

styrac1 said...

Relax, nothing's gonna happen. More proof Putin is a paper tiger and appeaser who is willing to even give up Russia's territorial integrity in order to appease the US.

Kona Commuter said...

The British army has admitted it is no match for Russia

styrac1 said...

@ Kona Commuter

That was deliberate "leak" ordered by UK Prime Minister Theresa May to signal to all interested parties that Britain is not going to be involved in anyone's war games against Russia.

Kona Commuter said...

Germany prepares for national emergency with civil defense plan *got rice?*