Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Who Is Going To Get The Jump On Who?

Must read, this is pretty good stuff. Four part series.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

In all scenarios, Australia ends up a glassine pock-marked crater field where only a handful of hardcore survivalists remain deep underground. I have yet to see any analysis where Australia doesn't get vaporized early in the war. Nobody likes an I-told-you-so. But I did tell you so.


styrac1 said...

Russia would never launch a preemptive strike because Russia is not the aggressor here. Russia has repeatedly shown its good will by willing to negotiate and extending a hand of friendship only to find more vile attacks, slander and deployment of more weapons on its borders each time in return. Overall I rate Putin as a weak and impotent leader, an appeaser of the "West" of the worst kind and not fit to sit in Russia's higher office in such critical times. I believe his willingness to secure peace at any cost and at the expense of Russian National Interest is very dangerous, and I suspect the CIA have profiled him correctly when they knew he would do nothing and wouldn't retaliate after the US coup in Ukraine or after they shot down the Russian jet over Syria by using the Turkish Air-Force. Based on that correct CIA profiling the US can proceed to put the biggest test on Putin by nuking a Russian city (other than Moscow and St Petersburg) just to see his reaction. I would bet my house that Russia would NOT retaliate and would be forced to submit and hand the keys of the nuclear codes and the Kremlin to the US.

I know it sounds crazy, but I know how they're thinking, and it's our best bet to avoid full scale global nuclear war.

August said...

I think Putin has probably done more to keep the peace, at least so far. He mentions American 'missile defense' in Romania. Why the hell is it there? I do think the U.S. military industrial complex is a huge jobs program, and most of the time they don't realize they are painting everybody else in a corner.

They are currently trying to create a narrative in which a vote for Trump is a vote for Putin. People are running around crying about Russia attempting to influence our elections without a shred of evidence, rather than reading the emails Wikileaks published, and seeing how the Democrats manipulate elections.

I don't know how well this works with the normal people.

Kona Commuter said...

China has given Australia another warning. This one is actually quite blunt saying that attacking one of our warships in the disputed zone would be a good way of giving the West a "bloody nose".

residentMoron said...

It's a bit harsh to accuse Putin of weakness for not standing up to US pressure, when he knows full well that the US is perfectly willing to nuke a helplessly prone enemy, twice, for no reason other than to send a message to the rest of the world that the US is perfectly willing to nuke a helplessly prone enemy, twice, for no reason other than to send a message.

Ledeen didn't invent the Ledeen Doctrine - just codified it.

Palve said...

Tex, I welcome you to join We have been doing what we can to help Trump, and even had an "ask me anything" with him recently. Would like more of your thoughts on current politics if possible. Stay safe.