Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Apocalypse Trifecta - Maunder Minimum, Worldwide Famine, WW3

More fun than a barrel of monkeys.

You can track the decline in sunspots back for nearly 8000 years and it is yoked at the hip to war, famine, disease, global effects of cooling and civilization collapse. Crop failures recorded in Sanskrit seven millennia ago detail the resulting clashes internally and against external enemies who were starving or fleeing plagues.

This has been our basic premise at Vault-Co since this blog started 16 years ago. Mice and men and the best laid plans but ultimately destiny lies with the climate changes caused by solar cycles. In order to avoid these tedious cycles, we'd need a completely different civilization that had moved entirely to atomic power a half century ago as was planned by our very bright ancestors. Thwarted as always by the lunatics and halfwits. A nuclear civilization would have enough free energy to heat the roads to keep them open, no joke. We could run coils through them coast to coast. We could have used atomic tunneling machines to turn our nations into larger varieties of Switzerland that would stay open day or night and never fear much of anything. Atomic power would burn right through any Ice Age and we'd come out the other side better than when we went into it. None of this happened because every successful society begins to sow the seeds of its own destruction. Too much surplus emboldens the idiots and gives them credibility for their bad arguments in sheer birth rates of the ranks of the hopelessly confused.


KW Jackson said...

The minimum starts next year. Just in time for some rather extreme potential potentates to take on the Exectuive of the USA. China are already losing crops by the mega-tonnes. Interesting times indeed.

styrac1 said...

Scienmajist charlatans declare official end of the Anthropocene - blame it on "human activity".

styrac1 said...