Sunday, August 28, 2016

Subterranean Microgardening and Hydroponics

Trial locations underground in London

I know it is doable it is only a question of energy input versus output in harvests. A very good candidate for a maximum of automation in both monitoring and control by a 24/7 web enabled application like CD-OS. I rated this the number one priority implementation on top of the basic framework of CD-OS and that is why I am doing the prototype for this first.


August said...

I worry about the quality of light. This is a lecture on it as it relates to humans. He has some stuff on the spectrum and quality of various light sources in there too.

Dude said...

I've been wondering about this too, the light that is. Is it possible to have a sky light with radioactive proof shutters? As it would be a considerable energy saver if a bunker could access sun light.

August said...

I've seen some solutions that pipe sunlight in through fiber optics. I think the effectiveness drops off as the distance lengthens. I think they only let in visible light, but, of course, when I researched this, no one felt it necessary to discuss a potential nuclear war and whether or not their system could withstand certain events.

Sam said...

Growing underground takes lots and lots and lots of electricity. An example is a 400W metal halide will only cover about 4' x 4' with high intensity light. Still not sunlight's strength. You could grow lots on mushrooms. Matter of fact you will have to grow lots of mushrooms. Forget the growing plants. Sprout seeds for greens. You can buy an enormous amount of seeds for what you can get 500w of solar for. Maybe grow mushrooms and feed to the fish tanks? I have no idea if fish will eat mushrooms. Really underground growing is impracticable unless you have a nuclear reactor or a huge amount of fuel stored. How much food could you grow in a 4' x 4' area at a cost of solar of $500 USD not including batteries so it would only work with bright sunlight? Little to none. Now add up the area you would need and solar cost. It's astronomical. You could buy 5 years of freeze dried food for less. Maybe. I just looked at food prices and it's $4,500 per person per year at cosco. It's going to hard as hell to survive a nuclear war if they use cobalt. Normal nukes a lot of people would survive but with enhanced radiation most people would not have a chance. Not enough food. I have some food stored but I will die if they use cobalt. Probably die even if they don't because of the hoards that come to take what little I have.

Texas Arcane said...


People have had some success already growing hydroponics with LEDs. I am not one of them - my attempt to cultivate strawberries with LED lights in 2012 yielded sickly results.

Nevertheless, I am setting up to try all over again and I am making it the core project of Vault-OS. I will only succeed if I fail enough times. I am getting a little better at it each time. The next one is replacing plant mix with fish waste so the user doesn't even have to mix up his own.

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