Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ridiculous Conspiracy Theorists And Their Nutty Theories

... which turn out to be a completely accurate, realistic appraisal of the situation.

When that guy was murdered I heard this rumor floating around. Hundreds of people chuckled at the notion like it was so impossible only a lunatic would even suggest such a thing.

Killary just chalked another line on her big blackboard of threat elimination, in between her violent twitching foaming seizures and rage blackouts. Another "conspiracy theory" confirmed. I don't know where these nuts get this stuff from. Get back on your meds, man. You talkin' loco.

Score : 

"Conspiracy Theorists" : Batting 100% over the bleachers 
Everybody else : ZERO, Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zilch

The "conspiracy theorist" is the best and brightest the rude camp of mankind has ever birthed into the world, they are people who know that truth means SURVIVAL and that LIES leads to DEATH sooner or later! If you build your civilization on lies you are building on sand that will wash out with the next tide! History is full of polite liars who DOOMED themselves and their entire nation! Telling lies makes SOLVING PROBLEMS impossible! They never tell you that "EQ" ("emotional intelligence") means delaying telling the truth until it is more acceptable - the problem is that by the time most truth becomes acceptable IT IS USUALLY TOO LATE for it to do any good! 


styrac1 said...

White Western European people and families fleeing the Merkel-EU-US-dominated multicultural Marxist cesspool where they are treated as second class class citizens while the "rights" of third world invading terrorists are top priorities. People used to flee to America in such circumstances. Now they flee to Russia and other Eastern European countries relatively untouched from liberal-PC tyranny.

styrac1 said...

Yet more Melonhead skulls found (naturally) in Antarctica attributed to "Aliens"

The Nazis were the only people in the modern age that came close to the truth

August said...

Maunder Minimum finally showing up in more mainstream places:

A new Maunder Minimum?

More validation.

styrac1 said...