Sunday, August 14, 2016


John Holdren's book suggested manufacturing crisis from thin air and then introducing the population reduction mechanisms into the solution offered for the fake crisis. He was explicit in describing how easy it is too fool the average human being who can be trusted to forget the chronology of these problems. They would not be able to remember that the "problem" itself was caused when the "solution" was introduced. The "solution" itself would also cause further "problems" requiring further "solutions."

Until mankind was wiped out.


Herman said...

Well Cleve you were right all along
I'm glad I've read your blog for all these years and I have to say I never doubted you

August said...

I've been thinking maybe I should go to Puerto Rico. They suffered this bankrupcy and now they supposedly have Zika. Right before all this crap they changed their business laws in attempt to become the Singapore of this region.

So, poor Puerto Ricans leave in droves and come up here. Supposedly elites are buying in. And their government is stuck being austere according to some council the U.S. Congress approves. I don't know how bad the sales taxes are, but on the flip side, if the government can't spend much, it can't do much.

The island is shaping up to be the contrarian play. The globalists have managed to push population down very well just by promoting deviancy, and making it nearly impossible to support a family with one income. If Zika is a fraud, it is probably meant to free up more prime real estate. The area it covers is a lot of good beachfront property.

Kona Commuter said...

U.S. Nukes At Turkey Airbase At Risk of Capture -

bicebicebice said...