Monday, August 8, 2016

Orange PI One

The Raspberry started a price war for low cost x86/ARM compatibles. This one is winning.

Ordered one off EBay for $16.99 here in Australia.

With a supercheap USB-to-RS485 converter this could be an out-of-the-box solution for CD-OS with Modbus capability. Also has built-in interface for cheap camera so any server would have visual/audio communication built-in. Runs on 5 volts from USB and has hibernate/sleep modes to conserve power all the time when not active. This machine is so overpowered for the CD-OS server it is a joke. Would have no problems managing VOIP traffic as well for a busy shelter.

Very exciting times for owners of batcaves. Everything has plummeted in price since I wrote the first version of CD-OS 20 years ago.

Remember all those years I blathered about converting thin clients to usable servers? That was because the thin clients cost around what one of these things cost. The price differential is at parity now and this device is clearly far superior to most of those thin clients.

I know it is stupid but I am dying to see if I can install NT embedded or Windows 2000 Advanced Server on one of these boxes. I have disks which claim to support "ARM" versions of these systems.

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