Friday, August 5, 2016

My CT Scan Was Two Weeks Ago

Each year, the reconstructions get closer to the truth. Neanderthals both male and female were one damn good looking race of people and the women were particularly beautiful in a unique and singular way. Sorry, scienmagists but the evidence overwhelmingly indicates this one should have blue or hazel eyes, no brown eye genes are found in Neanderthals anywhere.
I had a bad asymmetric migraine two weeks ago and ended up in the emergency room after midnight. Was scared it was a brain tumor. (Total hypochrondriac)

They did some blood work and a CT scan. Turned out to be a sinus infection, probably from going a couple days without sleep working in my damp, cold new research lab I was so overexcited. Once I got Modbus going in my broom closet sized permaculture setup I just seemed to turn off the sleep gene for 72 hours trying to integrate the Modbus over ethernet perfectly with CD-OS.

I warned the doctor when I was lying on the gurney before I went in for the scan, "You may see some ... unusual brain architecture. I'm just warning you. Among other things, a really thick corpus callosum. Don't panic." He says to me, "You have Aspergers, don't you? I have heard they have different brains altogether." I nodded while they were tying up my gown, "Yes. There could be other things. Don't mistake them for pathology, they aren't. I just need somebody to check to see if I have anything there that doesn't belong altogether. Listen, I may look remotely like one of you, but I'm not. It's an illusion. You'll see when it comes back. People like me are only similar to humans a bit on the outside and when you look deeper you'll see something else. I just wanted to tell you not to flip out because it will be different. The science is finally catching up to us."

So he comes back in to see me an hour later. His eyes are the size of saucers. "That's not the brain of a 52 year old man. There's no shrinkage and no atrophy in anything. It is the brain of a 12 year old adolescent boy. Far from there being a brain tumor, the tissue in your head looks like you have yet to go through puberty. No wonder they say people with Aspergers age slowly." I got to see the scans. Looked like an exact reproduction of the scans I have seen in articles about how they discovered that Aspergers has virtually nothing to do with autism and is on the opposite end of the scale physiologically. These scans are the reason they took Aspergers off the DSM altogether and came up with some mild vague remark about it "being on the spectrum." They neglected to mention it is the antipode of the spectrum with neurotypicals in the middle and closer to autism than we ever were.

I asked the doctor, "Do you think our ancestral line may have had to cope with cold temperatures by slowing growth to delay sexual maturity? It would have been a very effective way to control fertility and lower birth rates to match food resources. I think that is what you are seeing there. Think of the potential to maintain a flexible and creative mind for problem solving by keeping the mind young, curious and playful. Similar genetic strategies are seen throughout the entire mammalian biological spectrum. Our ancestors were nerds without question, all of them. They probably found nearly everything fascinating in it's way."


Takudzwa Aywok said...

I think that this one Neanderthal on the right is the closest thing that was drawn. It doesn't conflict with some of the skull's morphology, I feel and something about it strikes me as being something you'd really expect from an arch-thal. Particularly around the eyes, somehow. It's my cro-mag personality-from-the-face detector. I see some gentleness in there, in addition to some weird trait particular to thals, the feeling I get from gazing at those eyes is difficult to describe but it's something very particular to thals.

We can know for sure they had thick eyebrows, because of the high levels of testosterone and the fact that it is a more-than-average frequent thing in the basque country. And a wedge-shaped face. The eyes are sufficiently big also, red hair, blue eyes, white/tad bit tanned skin. But, still not as big as that of the elongated skull's. I imagine the arch-melons had bigger eyes to make for a balance for the fiery, masculine inner nature conferred to them by the characteristics associated with the degree to which their parietal was enlarged compared to that of a human, and the small face, which is, I heard, something commonly found in criminals and results in "less humanity" or so.
They had, like neanderthals gentle and aerodymanic facial bones. In addition to something else, that has lead me to believe the two were part of the same species, but two different subspecies.

This painting was drawn by a russian, the same one that drew the hyperboria paintings. He seems to know.
He drew melonheads, and neanderthals.

Lucid Globalwarning said...

I had an angiogram and it showed I have the heart of a 20 year old. Before this the docs said my cholesterol was high and that I would have to take statins for the rest of my life.

Sam said...

I can really help you out here. I know the cure to sinus problems. I used to have SEVERE sinus problems. I couldn’t even sleep at times. I felt like I was suffocating. I used to read Jerry Pournelles blog a lot. Pournelle probably made the very first blog as we know it and he had sinus problems too. There is a piece of equipment called a hydropulse that he told his readers about. It works. Search around for the best price. One here.

The key is irrigate the nasal passages. It took me about a year of washing out my nasal passages every day and then it completely cleared up and I haven’t used the irrigator in a year??? My theory is you get some kind of bacteria in the nasal passage and it eventually gets stuck. It builds up and it’s hard to kill so it just stays there and gets worse. After you kill it your normal defenses help keep you clear. I still have some stuffiness at times but ridiculously minor compared to what I had before.

Here are tips that I learned.
1. When very stopped up don’t press the nasal pump all the way in your nostril. Too much pressure. You may have to hold it away and spray into the nostril. I always leave the power on high. I think lowering it just puts more pressure on the pump and wears it out.
2. Use distilled water if you can. One way to distill water is to cook it a good while in the microwave to kill any bacteria or whatever in the water. Even tap water has some bacteria.
3. Remove the chlorine. It burns but you can get used to it. A simple method to get rid of chlorine is to used powdered vitamin C. A pinch will take the chlorine out of a five gallon bucket. Put a pinch or two in a bucket and stir in a circle vigorously. Let sit. If it’s a white five gallon bucket you will see a very small grain in the middle of the bucket. That’s the chlorine precipitated out of the water. Pour off the de-chlorinated water into a new bucket leaving the grain. Good for you plants too.
4. You can buy a nasal washing powder at Walmart and other places. It has a buffer in it. Probably sodium bicarbonate.


Sam said...


Cheapest solution. All measurements are using the volume of the first hydropulse I linked(24 oz). 1/2 teaspoon Regular salt or sea salt as I use, 1/4 to 1/2 tea. baking soda.

I use the stuff in the packages above I linked.

Remember the goal. Wash out all crude and sterilize. To help this along I use additives. First is hydrogen peroxide. I think 2%. Whatever the normal stuff in the drugstore is. Put a couple of cap fulls into the before mentioned (24 oz). Sometimes I use a little more. Try various doses and see what you can stand. This includes dosages of salt also. There’s a stuff called lugols formula 2% that’s a good sterilizer. Used to be a cure all back in the 19th century.

I use three or four drops in the tank. A little nasty. You can run another tank through your nostrils with just salt and buffer to wash it out.

Now after saying all this normally I just use warm water out of the tap with sea salt, hydrogen peroxide and the lugols. My thinking is all the additives will kill any stuff in the water. Problem is when you don’t take the chlorine out it stings a little. I’m used to it and can take a little sting at first.

If you do this I promise it will work. It may take a while to get relief where you don’t have to use it at all but eventually it will happen. However you will get temporary relief immediately. Sometimes you may have to run as many a five tanks of the hydropulse to clean out all the mess but it’s a major relief. The cheaper battery powered one may be worth trying out first if you can take it back. I know the larger more expensive one works.

Further thoughts. The idea is to get disinfectants in the nasal passages, wash out what’s there and kill the rest.

I have used a derivative of boric acid. “Twenty mule team borax” (which is the mineral borax). It kills fungus. It’s nasty though having a soapy smelling nose. You have to rinse several times to clean out the borax. You probably could use some of the drug store iodine solutions in place of the lugols. I haven’t tried them though. I would maybe start with only salt, sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide. Vary the amounts. If you can take stronger amounts you will be more successful in killing the bacteria. I know I wrote a bit to lengthy but I wanted to cover most eventualities.

The best thing about this is it's a long term cure.

bicebicebice said...

Texas Arcane said...

@ Takudzwa

That was an amazing link to that painting. I think that is a melonhead in the ancient world sitting on his throne and contemplating the known map of the world.

I believe the Melonheads and the Neanderthals are related somehow. The Neanderthals became a problem when they stopped being servants and began to pose potential competition. This conflict is going on right into the present today.

Ave said...

Neanderthals and Melonheads are models of personality (IMHO)

I believe the Neanderthal understands "material reality" in all its intricacies. He's the INTJ and INTPs (Meyer-Briggs system)

Melonheads wans the "material reality" for what it can bring them, that is, power. They're the ENTJs.

The probelm is that INTJs and INTPs, if given the world, would consider it as a machine and carefully manage it. The ENTJs wants the world because they have a problem with other people, and want to dominate them.

The Neanderthal doesn't want the world because it would be a burden. He understands exactly how much of a burden it would be. The Melonhead doesn't understand this, and this is why his thirst cannot be quenched - and why he can't keep the power.

The Neanderthal is the discoverer, he's fascinated by possibilites and by the Creation itself. In a way, he's more advanced than the Melonhead, and this is possibly what puzzles the Melonhead : if he's so advanced, why doesn't strive for power ?

Of course, being unable to understand the Neanderthal, there is the delicate equilibrium between using Neanderthals and destroying them.

As technology evolves, it gives more leverage to the single individual. The Neanderthal becomes more powerful at each increment than the Melonhead (this is how he discovers Heliocentrism with technology that would cost 400 $ today, and of course mathematics) and poses the most terrible threat to the Melonhead : an *alternative* to the Melonhead's shitty world.

In the end Empires are just Ponzi schemes and the Melonhead, requiring a huge footprint to sustain themselves, get destroyed, while the Neanderthal who feel naturally at ease in spartan surroundings doesn't quite register things have changed outside.

Texas Arcane said...


Would you consider expanding on this? I would print it up here. It is superb.

Ave said...

Tex, I'm glad to go on, please do print. The following is less structured though, and still unfinished. Be warned, it is ridiculously stereotypical :)

The Dawn of Man

I'm going to dabble here in amateur anthropology, to get to my point about MBTI aspects.

Humans are beings that exist only through technology. The most important was the technology of fire (it is telling that the Prometheus myth revolves around fire).

Through fire, the hominids become humans, in their very bodies. First, there are the theories about smaller jaws and less muscle for masticating allowing the skull to grow from one “homo” species to another. As for myself, I witness that humans can't survive without fire anymore, including in the warm climates.

This means that humans are symbiotic with technology : if one dies, so does the other. Human existence revolves around technology and will never cease to do so.

Now the thing is that technology is diverse. Specialized creatures are stuck within the confines of their specialized organs, humans are not. With technology, at one moment in evolution appears the notion of CHOICE : what is the best tool for the job ? When you don't have it, what else can you do ?

At first, humans have to discriminate, experiment, store and spread the results of the experiments. Humans are, like some other creatures, able to teach their young. Because humans exist only through technology, their specialized organ is the brain, and thus the brain develops just as much as claws for lobsters do. Those who can handle information best are more likely to master technology and thus to survive. This is also why language developped the way it did with humans.

Also, humans project their brains in their surroundings : this is why we like to have certain objects at certain places in our surroundings ( from the book : Kinds Of Minds: Toward An Understanding Of Consciousness ), and objects carry meaning and information.

We stayed at that stage for a long time, and information gathered in a haphazard manner and progress was happenstance. Physiological changes takes thousands of years. But knowledge is cumulative by nature, and brains evolved accordingly : those with the better brains had better mastery of knowledge, and thus survived better.

A better brain means :
- more storage capacity
- better data management (through language)
- more interconnectivity (through progress in language)

Now what I call language is not only spoken or written language but a lot of ways to convey information (gestures, sounds in the wind, hues of colours etc. and up to the absence of information (the silence), sort of mathematical zero before it was conceptualized)

Where the movie “2001: a space odyssey” (hence the chapter's title :) has it wrong is that it took time for humans to CONCEPTUALIZE.

This is my theory as to why there are differences in the MBTI system between Intuition-based types ( xNxx) and Sensing-based people ( xSxx). Of course this is an oversimplification, because S types are clearly able to conceptualize things ; they only devote less time and energy doing it, and perhaps to some it is not their primary drive.

My primary drive every day is to learn and exchange, not putting running shoes on. ;)

The ability to conceptualize means that the “data management” is different. This is why N people speak a different language that S types. To be honest, the opposition I'll emphasize is between NT (“Rationals”) and SJ (“guardian”) people specifically. SP (“Artisans”) and NF (“Idealists”) people are less relevant to my argument here – not hat they don't have their role in things.

Ave said...

NT vs SJ

First we have to adress the proportion issues. Roughly half of the populatuion is made by SJ people, whereas about 10% are made of Rationals. Intuives ( xNxx) make up 25% of the population, hence Sensors ( xSxx) make up 75%.

I also like this representation :

Now what people call Neanderthals on this blog tends to reflect INTx qualities : inventivity & lack of connection to the bulk of society (up to conflicts, including bullying, imprisonment and destruction)

Now what I'm going to write is not in the orthodoxy of this blog (as I understood it) but I think that successful human groups have all kinds of MBTI types in them ( Robert Palmer - Every Kind Of People : )

Many natural things (tending the newborn, cooking food on a daily basis, getting firewood, maintaining discipline) is abhorrent to INTx types. Reality is boring and tedious. But that's OK in a small group, because different people like different things.

We can witness this is healthy work environments : INTx types are few but appreciated as the problem solvers and innovators. INTx do have a natural place in society, or perhaps they managed to make one, or societies co-evolved. Because we have to address the blog's hypothesis that INTx may have higher Neanderthal traits than SJ types.

If for sake of simplification we say that Neanderthal was of INTx type, then these people have chosen difficult environments (glacial age regions) where their characteristics were an advantage. It was probably a very well managed environment, integrating a vast variety of variables into multiple optimisations of risk.

It was a low-density affair with K-type reproduction (INTx types today have few offspring – or no offspring at all if the setting isn't right), hence an emphasis on quality, education and health (I bet they even deloused themselves using saunas).

On the other hand, the population in warmer climates would be of SP type (what Tex calls “Grasshopper mentality”) singing Disney songs together with the rats and lice in their environment, and popping babies following an r-type reproduction strategy, due to the high mortality. But that's cool, because babies are life, and Hakuna Matata, and how would the lice survive without babies.

Now Tex's question revolve (if I understood correctly) around the apparition of the SJ types. That's a real mystery.

SJ types revolve around obedience. Either they obey (ISxJ) or they order around (ESxJ), but as we know from our work environment , ESxJ are morons.

So for this to work, there must be an ENTJ (the most introverted of the extraverts) setting this up. The Melonhead figure as described on this blog exhibits ENTJ traits.

(I have other things planned for today , so I'll stop it here for the time being.)

Takudzwa Aywok said...

The Neanderthal is a discoverer because his cognitive style is masculine and the essence of masculinity is to be able to deal with the natural world, to conquer the unknown, to establish a secure perimeter. It's much more one which you'd expect from an animal and their masculine cognitive style also would explain why they did not get to develop civilization. It's one which makes much more use of sensing, intuition, feelings, it's partly unconscious, dreamy and seamless, it requires alot less intellectual firepower than that of the melon and cro-magnon for comparable results. Each have their own set of advantages and disavantages. You often hear about people with IQ's of 170, who are super duper succesful at school and such, but never come back with innovations and insights. Those are the reasons why girls do better than boys at school, but girls aren't "smarter" than men in the sense that they are not the ones who have created all those things which we take for granted now. It's also one that much more makes use of creativity. It's the one associated in edenism with the "occ", but it doesn't all happen in the occipital lobe, the occipital bun is just a genetic marker for characteristics that characterize the soul and inner nature of the Neanderthal and the cognitive style. It's a matter of hemispheric dominance. The Neanderthal's mode of thinking corresponds to that of the right brain hemisphere, mostly. The right is more concrete, artistic, eccetera eccetera while the left is logical and abstract and such. The pre-christian basque language contained only 100% concrete words, abstract words appeared only after christianization. The cognitive style of the melon is simply not fit to do what that of the Neanderthal makes him capable of, because the natural world is wiggly and filled with irregularities and incredibely complex. The Neanderthal can get around to this by not iterating through all of the tiny weeny details like a melon would, and just taking a look at the general picture, then sensing the essence of what he has opened his eyes to, and letting the insights spring forth by themselves and impose themselves on him. The melonhead has to fix every smallest detail consciously, the Neanderthal's way of thinking is dreamy, some things happen by themselves and are taken care of by the unconscious.

Studies have shown the degree to which a hemisphere develops is mediated by the presence of a limited ressource, which prenatal testosterone makes so ends up more distributed to the right brain hemisphere. As such, you can have either alot of one, alot of the other, or a bit of both but not alot of both. Cro-magnons developped civilization because they had more of something that strongly characterizes melonheads, than Neanderthals. And with the Melonhead's mode of thinking comes a "packer" cognitive style, that of someone who retains large packets of information but, if he ran out of procedures, can either work on the logical structure of what he has to fix the problem or can't do anything. The Neanderthal had mapper cognitive style, the cro-magnons had memes which could go viral. One cro-mag was taught agriculture by a benevolent melon at one point in history, now it is widespread.

Takudzwa Aywok said...

I know it may sound bad, but it really does seem to be the case that Neanderthals were closer to the animal world, and had more "chimp" characteristics. This thing that characterizes humans and melonheads is basically being more "evolved". It comes with brachycephaly. Melonheads were farther on the end of the pole where cro-mags are, than cro-mags. They were in a way more "R-selected". I doubt they made penis statues because it ressembles serpents, because they also built womb temples. I believe it's either in reference to the ancient "masculine/feminine" principles, or they were sex maniacs. Ramses II had 200 sons, the melonhead Jehovah god of the bible came from a family of 70.
Whereas Neanderthals were dolichocephalic. A characteristic that they share with negroids and australian aboriginals and nowadays nordics. I believe Neanderthals having more of this thing which negroids and aboriginals have would explain the existence of Vikings. I believe it would also explain why you sometimes have those predictive dreams, and the greater amount of associative tissue found in aspies, because animals think in associations. I have seen it in many other aspies, it is a very clear trend. If you think about it, a foot with the morton's toe is structurally closer to that of a chimp, or even a hand, than would be a normal human's. And chimps appear to have a receeding chin, too. Chimps are 4x times stronger than humans. Their appearance is very misleading as for their strenght, it is the product of the structure of their muscles. And we know that this applies to Neanderthals, too.
But if they were animals, they were smart animals. Cro-magnons and melons can't be autonomous like the Neanderthal, you send them in a forest, if they didn't pack anything, any methods and whatnot, they will die. I think this animalness reflects in how much the Neanderthal's mode of thinking makes use of feelings and relies on the unconscious and such.
Also, "Nephilim" doesn't mean, those who were cast down from the heights. It literally means "those who were cast down from the heavens".They can't be Neanderthal/Melonhead hybrids, and it's said they were expelled from the Heavens.
They can't be melon/neander because they were too brutal. They abducted native american women when they fell in love with them and needed them to satisfy themselves because only male giants came in the Americans on their boats. They were too giant to satisfy themselves using human women, so they started sodomizing each other. American tribes believe this is the reason for the Gods causing the flood and wanting to destroy them. Not only that, but also they weren't Neanderthal giant. They were colossal, absolutely enormous. Native American legends say, after the flood happened and their civilization was destroyed, a few native americans tribes exterminated the rest together, and that one died in the Lovelock cave. It turns out, a skull was found in there. And here's a picture of it:

Texas Arcane said...



The mapper "style" is by its very definition a form of regimentation. The purpose of generating the memes involved in "mapping" ideas is to transmit them to others.

The great irony of problem solving is that when the intuition is combined with a great influx of perceptions is that it produces a personality much less likely to copy and transmit that solution after solving the problem. So this is why they have found what looks like a compound bow in a Neanderthal cave but two kilometers away in a different tribe this type of bow does not appear. Leonardo Da Vinci was rumored to have invented all kinds of things but only left drawings and sketches of 5% of his ideas. His constant ceaseless inventiveness left little inclination to sit down and document what he was doing in many cases so it was lost forever.

I agree that this is the reason Neanderthals were not able to form a civilization.

When I release CD-OS and my game Grimoire this year, people were going to have a hard time believing it took me that long to get them out. The problem was always that I had discovered a better way in the act of doing the thing itself and in the act of rewriting my code I was always postponing documenting it or releasing it as open source until I had incorporated the new idea. This usually ends up taking longer than you expect every time. For example, when I ditched JSON as my messaging format it took me three solid months of work to write my message stack. I couldn't release the code until this was complete. While writing the new message stack, I came up with a new structure for signals and slots that was so simple I had to rewrite that code. When you see it you will think man that is so simple and elegant but it took like ten years of experimenting to get to that.

I reckon Neanderthals were postponing open source release of their products for a million years.

Takudzwa Aywok said...

I definitely agree 100% on what you say, the kind of personality those things produce, but I believe it might also possibly have been the case that they didn't develop civilization partly also because their languages would have contained only concrete words. Not only that, but also probably because by inclination they tended to be much less the kind of people who would only pick up words and repeat them, but rather make them. I don't believe they weren't capable of abstraction and abstract words, tough. It does seem to me like they have and had more of both verbal and nonverbal IQ and would have been smarter than cro-magnons when it's about manipulation of abstract symbols, but just that, the cause of their languages containing only concrete word is specialization and inclination and such. Nothing would have made an isolated population of Neanderthals naturally come to make use of abstract words by themselves.

I think this story of prenatal testosterone and restrained development of the left cerebral hemisphere would explain why giant, testosteronous men are often portrayed as often talking only with simple words. And testosterone causing honesty, and thus naivety, why they are often portrayed as being easy to dupe. Among all the team fortress 2 classes, Heavy is the most Thallish one. In this video the whole story revolves around him having been duped by someone, who messed with his gun without his consentment. It may not appear to be the case in that one video, but Heavy doesn't seem to be very eloquent often in his speech. This is apparent in many of his quotes.
Whereas, the Spy, the complete opposite of the Heavy and his worse enemy, one of the weakest, thinnest, easiest to kill classes, is eloquent in his speech moreso than every other classes:

Ave said...

Hypothesis : experiment gone wrong

The Melonhead as described here is such a perfect horror that it couldn't have been an INTJ experiment gone wrong, all based on a thing an INTP probably should have left unsaid. You know that's always how it works :)

So here is a little story exploring that hypothesis.

It all started when a bunch of Sapiens migrated north as the climate changed. Gary, a young INTJ, and Rob, a young INTP (names changed to protect the guilty) are hanging out when they witness some young buxomy Sapiens ESFP passing by, that are all out for fun and games and sex.

The INTJ being naturally sex-obsessed (tell me it isn't so), Gary convinces Rob to go join them. But although the ESFP Sapiens are very welcoming, Rob is being difficult. He can't make himself understood and in typical INTP fashion doesn't get laid.

In the ensuing conversation, Gary scorns the INTP (as always) for not having had sex, and Rob replies that the girls were not intelligent enough to cater to his needs.

Gary admits that Homo Sapiens are not the sharpest silex on the ground, and they both wonder how that could be. While Gary insists on the creature's bosominess, Rob deflects the conversation to anything other than sexual attributes, and finally states that Home Sapiens has “such a small head”.

(Only 1200 cm3 Vs 1600 cm3 for Neanderthal)

Thus the connection between brain size and intelligence was first made. Of course, Gary being the INTJ he is immediately starts scheming, examining how this vital information could be used in a beneficial manner.

Neanderthals have been busy breeding animals for some thousands of years prior to the event, and selective breeding could emphazise one trait or one organ. But we all know Neanderthals prefered optimal solutions to overspecialized ones, until that fateful moment when Gary decided that selective breeding would have to be tested for humans, and thus this would be the most intelligent people possible.

Rob sensed that this was heading in the wrong direction, but it was too late to make Gary change his mind about this. He also contaminated other families around with the idea, and thus followed several generations of selected large-cranium breeders.

When his grand-grand daughter (Neanderthals live long) was born with a grotesquely elongated skull, a shuddering Gary confessed to a frail Rob : “I now know a new feeling, and it is sin, and it's not good.”

Gary died with regrets in his minds and the longing for buxomy confort, pesting at his deplorable propensy to perfect what was already good enough. Stupid buxomy ESFPs would have been perfect playmates for INTx people, but Gary invented Sin and well there you have it, no more paradise.

Gary died but this strange idea of selective breeding lived on, and people with elongated skulls were increasingly inbreeding, offputting the rest of the Neanderthals. Then, as it happens with inbreeding, mutations occurred and thus some really weird shit was born. Some of them had enormous brains like watermelons, and became instantly choice reproductive partners.

After a while they had to pack and leave, because the Neanderthals were a bit miffed by the presence of these freaky selective breeders. Besides, these freaks thought they were better than the rest, after all this was Gary's intent, but evidently the others were far from convinced from it.

Another problem was that these heavy-headed guys sucked at hunting, and in a carefully managed economy there was no way they could have more than the others.

The most difficult Melonhead personalities had to pack, and find people willing to obey. The Sapiens down south were stupid enough to accept them as rulers, but they were a chaotic bunch.

With order came rules, and with rules came neuroticism. And thus the Melons started to implement nonsensical rules, like “you won't eat meat and milk simultaneously”, and when people did all hell broke loose. Slowly, the rules created permanently damaged/traumatized personalities that evolved into SJ slaves.

Ave said...

Last of my contribution

The introverted matter

INTx people were good at handling things because it required Introversion to make a modelisation of things and of logic. Because the Melons handled not things and concepts but other people, they developped a weird sense of extraversion (thus “the most introverted of extroverts”) and this prevented them to get to the crux of the matters like the INTx Neanderthals could.

They co-developped with their slaves in forming ant-like societies (“civilisations”) but the main problem was the limitation of leading only through law, and not through science. Their civilisations always got out of control (little did they know these things were never to be truly controlled, due to sheer chaos) and eventually swamped the Neanderthl grounds.

Some interspecies sex occurred and the part-Neanderthal offspring was coerced into obedience by the SJ. INTx bastards thought that they could fix the system and used their brains to build up technology and science, each time giving more power to the ENTJ rulers, who on the other side depended more and more on these INTx types, until these INTx types realized that the ENTJ guys were not as bright as advertised and furthermore complicated things, due to their social interactions (giving the leadership of something technical to an ESTJ as a reward, for instance)

All these types are human and need human interactions. Being subjected to the same neurotic laws, the SJ types create a rigid network composed of like-minded individuals, who by sheer numbers crush everything not like them.

INTx types being quite uncommon and not living happily in a SJ network (they're simultaneously bright and bullied because of it), they tend to form a network of their own. Science and excellence develops in these networks, but not the way ENTJs would like.

Vault-Co is an example of how people with different ideas but comprabale mindsets form an ad-hoc network whose sole purpose is to exchange ideas. There is a selective process in that the not-so-bright are mechanically rejected (the exact contrary of what happened to the Aussurvivalist forum), making this a very selective club, which SJ people mimick with “gentleman's clubs” and Free Masonry and other such hullabaloo.

As civilisations always crash, because there is no inherent stability, the purpose of the INTx is not to maintain it but to build an alternative (a life raft) to weather its collapse, hence the propension to hoard, to hide and to learn.

After all, a collapsing society is something like a strange glacial age, an environment in which one has to survive.

Ave said...

@Takudzwa Aywok

The afterlife is a very abstract concept, yet Neanderthal was the first to bury his dead.

Texas Arcane said...


The first with great ceremony and a clear recognition of an afterlife and extended cosmology. Which species really gave us the capacity for abstract reasoning?

Of the two species, the intelligent power hungry melonhead or the general problem solver Neanderthals, which shows the greatest application of general intelligence? If the Neanderthal's only shortcoming is his ability to manipulate people with lies and cunning, outside of human society is this really a shortcoming at all? Lower the temperature by 300 degrees and let us see which species survives long term.

Texas Arcane said...


Somebody was saying to me the other day that everybody who comes out of a Tony Robbins seminar thinks they have benefited greatly and come away with something they didn't have going in.

That testifies to the raw charisma of Tony Robbins because the truth is the only person who comes out of a Tony Robbins seminar richer is Tony Robbins. In terms of general problem solving, outside the narrow confines of that seminar hall everything that comes out of Tony's mouth is pure rubbish. At 300 degrees below zero if Tony was your leader your entire tribe would be dead by nightfall.

Ave said...


IMHO survival of ther Neanderthal was a given ; but for an intelligent personality there is no effort without a goal, hence no survival without having a life worth living.

It is fitting that a deceased would be buried with some of his prized objects, and would be respected even if dead. If Neanderthal didn't respect the person in death, then what happened with the corpses ? Eaten, of left to decay ?

But what interests me more is what you think of my MBTI-based approach.

Texas Arcane said...


I think it was brilliant. I would like to assemble it into an article and post it up on the blog with a bit of editing to make it flow together.

Texas Arcane said...


I don't know if you have heard me say it before but I contest all claims that Neanderthals ever cannibalized anybody ever for any reason. I believe the handful of claims do not bear up under examination, ever.

For example, the whole basis of Eric Trinkhaus HARD TIMES AMONGST THE NEANDERTHALS is strongly disputed by the woman who excavated those bones. She said there was no evidence of cannibalism on those bones and conclusive evidence they were conducting secondary burial practices on the remains and hauling them around on a sled during a famine until a suitable burial site could be found for them.

Ave said...

> I think it was brilliant. I would like to assemble it into an article and post it up
> on the blog with a bit of editing to make it flow together.

@Tex : sure, go ahead !

Takudzwa Aywok said...


Burying the dead is a sign of spirituality, the hallmark of the right cerebral hemisphere. And they wouldn't have necessarily associated what happens after death with the abstract concept "afterlife", but a concrete vision of what they could sense and see and feel after death.

Takudzwa Aywok said...

We know Thals were hypermasculine and had lot's & lot's 'o' testosterone. You do the math:

Takudzwa Aywok said...

And also, it has occured to me that "afterlife" is a broad concept that can include way more that what Neanderthals were likely to have tought the dead would see, that's why it is "very abstract".

Herman said...

This is why I missed your blog Cleve