Thursday, August 25, 2016

Must Watch


In scripture we learn that neither Lucifer nor his followers can predict the future. They can however try to engineer it and then seem all-powerful in retrospect. I suspect that is what is going on here. Lacking the gift for prophecy, they try to create the future and then seem prescient about it. This is a way of intimidating opposition.


Edward said...

You're not suggesting they planned to knock down the towers before they had even built them? Or that they chose to set up the 911 emergency number because they knew they would be using that date for their big 'event' years later?

My family get upset with me when I start to even suggest that the 'event' was known about beforehand by anyone other than the 'terrorists' themselves, despite the ample evidence, building 7, insider trading with airline stocks, etc. etc. They try to convince me that no one could be so evil as to plan the murder of 3000 people that far in advance. I'm not that convinced that it was even planned to occur from much before the 1990s though, despite all the stuff like this.

I'm fairly convinced of their long term goal to get everyone RFIDed, but that's more of an economic policy / human resources thing than a biblical prophesy.
It's not satan, its just a bunch of people with way too much money and power who want to rule over everyone else. That's not supernatural, just basic human greed.

HalibetLector said...

I'm fairly convinced of their long term goal to get everyone RFIDed

I laugh whenever I hear this. Using RFIDs to track people is a movie plot. The biggest, most powerful RFID tag scans from a foot or two away, max. They simply don't work long distance. Besides, what's the point? They got everyone to voluntarily carry around a GPS with a big battery (smartphones).

Edward said...

Well yeah, but that's just a small stepping stone. You have to bring these things in slowly, spread them over several generations, or people being to notice something is seriously amiss.
It's not the RFIDs they use to track you, at least not like GPS, it's as a replacement for contactless payment cards, or EBT, so you just swipe your wrist over the reader to pay for anything and everything. (And anything/everything you buy automatically gets logged somewhere?)

First it was credit cards in the 70s, cashpoints in the 80s, internet banking from the 90s, then chip and pin in the 2000s, then contactless in the 2010s, then apple-pay style systems via your phone, then via your smartwatch/fitbit, then oh guess what the newest fancy gizmo is? Embedable biometric devices to monitor your heart rate, activity levels, sleep schedule, and blood sugar etc. in real-time, oh and it also lets you buy stuff at the corner shop and has your national identity code for all those other government transactions and checkpoints, including photo ID and biometric records for your security.

Then we'll gradually move to a fully cashless society, so it's contactless payments or nothing, and that allows us to have negative interest rates, so you better keep on that treadmill (literally and figuratively) or watch your saved assets rapidly disappear into the ether.

Then the generation born in 2035+ just gets all the necessary equipment for living in a civilized society freely implanted in them by the doctor shortly after birth, along with those oh-so-necessary vaccinations, or else they don't get to use any government services, and they don't even remember that things have ever worked any other way. Much like the present generation Z don't even remember a time before Facebook and Instagram.

(It's already kinda scary when you talk to some pre-teen kid with all their games on their third-gen iPad mini, and they think Windows XP is just really ancient and was one of the first versions of Windows to come out. You can try to tell them how lucky they were lucky to have missed out on those bad old pre-NT days, when it was all uphill both ways, but it's already a bit of a culture shock for us early millennials. I'm actually old enough that I can still even remember the days of Napster over 56k modems and WiFi hadn't even been invented yet. ;-) )

It's all for your own health and safety and convenience you know. Got to hunt down those terrorist scum that keep popping up to, well terrorize us I suppose. We have to track everyone's purchases, so we can watch over their mental health in real-time, no more binge eating/drinking. What are you anyway, some kind of a Luddite? Won't someone think of the children?

HalibetLector said...

Once again: I laugh. We've been cashless for years. Your worst fears have already happened. As for everything else you wrote about that contains technology of some sort: none of it works. We can't even make static webpages that are smaller than Doom[0]. As far as data and tracking goes, the data the government and private agencies collect are far more likely to be leaked than they are to support an arrest or covert action. They're collecting too much. They don't know how to make any of it useful. They don't even know what they're looking for. Forest for the trees.

I'm generally hopeful for the future for the first time in about 10 years. Something I never thought would happen is happening: people are realizing the extent to which they have been lied to. People are actually waking up to the fact that the news media are a walking, talking genuine goddamned conspiracy. And it wouldn't have been possible without Twitter.


Edward said...

I'm ambivalent about the situation, perhaps I have some barely suppressed megalomaniacal control tendencies myself. I'm not sure if I want the responsibility of being in charge, but I don't want to be left out of the know either. Hierarchical information asymmetry / compartmentalisation is obviously necessary for any kind of large-scale society to operate. There are many different tiers of human intellect and scope of worldviews, and unless you are actually capable of operating at a particular meta-cognitive level you probably are better off not learning of it's existence or it only makes you paranoid about being manipulated. It's the blub paradox as applied to statecraft, and as a 30 year old you can't really know what it's like to be an 80 year old billionaire, so when you do catch a glimpse of someone seemingly playing the very long game with your whole generation you just see as a massive conspiracy what they see one small phase of a centuries old master plan about to come to fruition.

We're just catching a small peek at the people who have been successfully running the show for hundreds if not thousands of years, we can't see what they are really thinking/intending and are all getting very upset with them for existing at all, but from their perspective they've just been running business as usual and all these fanatical internet losers/geeks are becoming a serious thorn in their side, who need to be diverted onto another track by one or other of the pseudo-supernatural/intellectual-dead-end disinformation campaigns they are sprouting.

I dunno, I guess I don't want to be a pawn in someone else's game, but I can't exactly just sit on my hands, trusting no one till I get to play the puppet master, as by doing so I won't have spent the time to necessary build up sufficient financial/social capital to have very much of an impact when I am in a position to do so.

I'm not a crazy lunatic, I just need an adequate mentor, but I also don't want to have to compromise myself to get onto the inside track, as it were, which is a bit of a pickle.