Thursday, August 11, 2016

Europe Is Gone, Kiss It Goodbye

Plenty more where they came from, says President of Turkey.

Wait, I thought these were "Syrian" refugees!

A couple months ago when people like me were pointing out there is no way these "migrants" could have walked a thousand miles across the desert to stowaway (???) on board a ship and ended up in the UK with baby fat, brand new track suits and fully paid up brand new mobile phones ... we were labeled CONSPIRACY NUTS!!!

Now the Turkish President tells all.

There are no Syrian refugees in the "Syrian Refugee Crisis."

All these people came from holding camps in Turkey which are funded and maintained by George Soros, who has also arranged their transportation into Europe. That's why they are well fed, clean clothed and tech-savvy. The media has only taken pictures of children but 80% of them are grown men with families coming from Turkey.

Technically, an act of war. An end-run around sovereignty which is rapidly converting Europe into the world's largest Stalag camp. Voting won't do much good here because leadership is ignoring the voters.

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