Friday, August 5, 2016

Does The Clinton Foundation Hold Up The Entire House of Cards?

Some people in the FBI believe it does.

If Hillary loses it won't just be her going to prison. Half of the Beltway may be going with her.

This kind of incentive will motivate these people to do whatever is necessary to get Killary into the White House.

If she gets in there, she is going to start World War III. You better believe it. This woman loves to kill other people while she sits in and sips on tea.

None dare call it treason ... if treason succeeds.


August said...

I'm thinking the number of potential indictments is off the charts, with the Bushes and many Republicans there right along side the Clintons and various Democrats. They have a tacit agreement not to pursue each other- they say all sorts of bad things about each other, but they don't indict unless you upset your own side. It's mutual blackmail, and the completely insane attacks against Trump exist because all the criminals are starting to realize if he gets in, he will likely start cleaning house. They will want to block his policies and let the economy sink so they can run against him in four years, but the plethora of investigations that can be opened up based on the obviously illegal actions that have happened in the last twenty years, not to mention all the stuff the F.B.I. probably knows in secret- well, it must have them sweating.

HalibetLector said...

I remember you thought Wikileaks was a US government cointel operation. Assuming that's true, does their release of damning evidence against Hilary imply there's dissent in the ranks? An internal struggle? Or maybe they're just saving their own asses. If Hilary loses it, they could wrap the whole thing up and hang it around her neck.