Friday, August 19, 2016

Bad Guy's Grip Is Fading Fast

Took a little too long to proliferate and started to collapse on itself as do all systems built on falsehoods.

As we have said on Vault-Co previously ... all regimes that become too successful immediately begin to sow the seeds of their own destruction. The foundations of the whacky world of the Frankfurt school are disintegrating from their own sheer uselessness to any living thing. It takes increasingly larger sums of money to convince people that things are real that are not real.

This is the reason we think they will turn to more extreme measures. The elites do not give up that easily and they will not give up their dream of global "government" that easily. I predict this game will go right into sudden death overtime as we have described it here over the past 15 years.


styrac1 said...

Political correctness is actually more than 2000 years old, also known as Pharisaic Law with its aim to enforce strict conformity and observance. It's the system Christ banished only to be brought back by the spiritual and genetic descendants of those who crucified Him. Political Correctness is Pharisaic Law for the Goyim.

styrac1 said...

ZOGbux apocalypse approaching, the Master of the Universe has spoken. They are experimenting on us.