Monday, February 8, 2016

Vault-Co 2.0 Hiatus

As many of you know I have approximately five million other things I am supposed to have finished up as of the end of last year. As much fun as I have posting random idiocy to this blog and then watching people argue over it, I am afraid I have to put it into idle mode for a while until I get some things completed.

The next time Vault-Co opens for business, it is likely the first post will be the link to download VOS from Github or SourceForge. Until then I wish all of you few worries and less anxiety, I want you to always remember that fear in excess is a mind-killer and that my primary virtue is raising the alarm about things that in many cases you still have many years to prepare for. Remember not to believe a single thing you hear from the media, it's all rubbish and designed to lure you into indifference.

I wish that you will be shrewd about the future and never let it find you unprepared. I promise you that the next time you see me I will be bringing a replacement for those index cards and excel spreadsheets that you are tracking inventory with at the moment and hopefully many other goodies in the first public release of Vault-OS that I package up.

My staff sergeant once told me, "It is likely a suicide mission and I don't expect to see you alive again, private, but I do expect you will make a fine looking corpse. I promise if you come back closed casket I will give your Mama a peek when she shows up so she knows you died with all your hair still on."

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