Sunday, February 7, 2016

TSA Extending The Definition of "Travel" To "Human Movements"

Searching bags at a Trump convention. 

What I don't even ...

One of these nights you'll be getting up to go the bathroom and there will be a TSA agent frisking you before you can sit down on the toilet. All for your own safety.


Sitara said...

Tex, what do you think about Rubio's ridiculous performance in the New Hampshire primary debate yesterday? Was this an MK Ultra type glitch? (I am only half joking here, it was ridiculous how he kept repeating the same line over and over)

Sam said...

I've think I've posted this before but it's probably the best information on surviving a societal and financial collapse on the web. It's “Lessons from Argentina’s economic collapse” from Ferfal. It's extraordinarily good and lots of simple practical stuff. He has book which is excellent. I reread this very now and then and afterwards feel guilty that I'm not better prepared. Most of the info you need is in this post and if you want more his book is available. I have no financial interest in any of this I just admire his work.

There's another good survival link but it's fairly bleak and much harder on the spirit to read. It's about someone who survived the Bosnian war.