Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Question Is, Did They Ever Want To Join It?

World states and confederations have always been a bad idea since the beginning of time.

... but they have been trying to put their worldwide seafaring empire back together for 12,000 years since it was destroyed. The Bible enshrines their pitiful drives in the story of the Tower of Babel.

You're not smart enough, Melonheads. You're not much brighter than the hu-mans you seek to rule over nowadays. A little bit of brains is usually just enough to get yourself into a world of trouble you can't get out of.

You interbred too much with the slaves and lost all your good sense. You will never recover your empire because the truth is that it is remote from you both in time and in character. Your ancestors were much more intelligent and their slaves were a lot dumber. Things are different now and all you are really left with is the power to destroy. Creation eludes you because you have lost the knack of it.

All your schemes will come to nought except the world will lie in ashes.

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Sam said...

An interesting question. If there really was a worldwide Melonhead civilization just what were they good for? If you look around the only decent tech I can find is they made geopolymer rocks and had some mathematically excellent maps. The rest was just pyramids where they ripped peoples hearts out and ruled over the commoners by giving them the absolute minimum to survive on. They seemed to be very big on human sacrifice.

If you notice this is exactly the same behavior of the Jews. They don't want progress they just want to rule over everyone and be the big guy. As a general rule they're not near as interested in engineering new solutions to problems and seem to have much less curiosity. If the Jews ever take over the world there will be nothing but acute stagnation. As long as they can degrade everyone around them they don't care how bad things are. As long as they are at the top. A sensible person would try to make it better for everyone including themselves.

As much as Tex hates us Saps he HAS to admit that we are super curious and always coming up with some new contraption or new way of thinking about problems. Tex may say that this is all Neanderthals doing but I don't believe that for a minute. I know lots and lots and lots and lots of Saps who are just as I described. I've noticed there's a breed of Saps that seem to be like this. They have high straight foreheads like Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and they are most assuredly not Neanderthals. Pay attention and you'll see a lot of these types in engineering and science.