Monday, February 8, 2016

Most Ambitious Skyscrapers On Earth Under Construction

When a civilisation is in it's expansion phase, the people who live in it are a little crazy and exuberant and still believe they can do anything if they put their mind to it. They are not easily discouraged and their mind runs to projects that are an expression of this spirit of expansion, eager to press against boundaries that seem impossible to others.

When a civilisation is in sharp decline, like Kwanstainia, they no longer even feel confident enough to fill in potholes and put in bicycle racks. Everything starts to collapse in on itself and nobody feels as though anything can ever succeed. No? Archaeologists discovered that the last 200 years of the Roman Road - The Appian Way - despite an army of civil engineers ... the only repairs to these roads were made by people who lived in front of them and the "repairs" were merely mud and straw where formerly superstrong durable Roman concrete had formed the roadway so smooth you could have eaten off it.

In early Mycenaean pottery, motifs of guys in what look like power ranger outfits hold sceptres that shoot out lightning bolts and monsters are depicted smaller than they are running away from them, clearly bested by these ultra bad-ass representatives of mankind. The artisan who created this pot is trying to say with his design, These monsters never stood a chance against mankind.

In late Mycenaean era pottery the pots themselves are of lower quality workmanship and the monsters are the biggest thing on the pot, with the people cowering like insects and holding one another for comfort. No power rangers to be seen. Buildings are toppling and one wonders why would you do a pot design like this, other than to capture the general zeitgeist of the age you are living in?

What has really changed in the interim? Something about the declining phase has taught learned helplessness to the people who formed these pots from clay. At some point they just felt everything was getting the better of them. The world outside them is the same place with the same hazards and problems, it is in their reactions that the difference is to be found. They no longer imagine themselves to be capable of solving any of these problems that beset them ... when in fact, they are usually no more or less difficult than the problems solved by the people who came before them.

If you think about this long enough like I have, you can sum up these changes in personality as an aversion to pain that is so strong that people can no longer handle the pain of admitting something is wrong. It's too painful for them. Their ancestors would say "What a mess! Alright, this isn't gonna fix itself! Let's get started!" and six months later the problem would be gone. Nowadays, six months later they are still waiting for the problem to fix itself. Too painful to even admit there is a problem.

Jim Penman of Jim's Mowing here in Australia described this phenomena in his book The Hungry Ape and also described the biological changes taking place that produce this kind of personality. Jim has recently been spending his time trying to see if a brute force biochemical method could be used to reverse this personality type. He often paints it in terms of what it could do for aborigines, when in fact I have read enough of Jim Penman's books to know it isn't aborigines who need this therapy first. That's just the politically safe option to talk about. In fact, it is the citizens of the West who need this kind of therapy a hell of a lot more than the aborigines ever will. The aborigines have been here for 80,000 years without breaking a sweat and will likely be here another 80,000 years after it is all fallen into ruins. It's not aborigines who require some sort of miracle intervention, it's everybody else.


Ryan David G said...

What is your opinion on what is happening at Github, now that the original creators are being driven out and the SJWs have taken over?

"I've learned one thing from being an entrepreneur for 35 years: when there is unguarded money on the table, the wolves arrive. Call these as you like, their goal is to take the cash and blame someone else. They always use the same strategies, which I've documented extensively in my book The Psychopath Code. Divide and conquer. Charm and distraction. Promises and lies. Stealth, and violence."

Maochael Schleatensmao said...

Are Aborigines 'Thal in your opinion?

Maochael Schleatensmao said...

Some of them show periorbital recession that makes white 'Thals look like G'loids.

Maochael Schleatensmao said...

Extreme Aboriginal socket recession:
An(extremely atypical for Australoid s) exceptional Morton foot:
This is supposed to be a Caucasian vs Aborigne skull:

Maochael Schleatensmao said...

In fact these individuals are reminding me a bit of Ancient Greeks who I remember you believe are 'Thals. Of course these Aborigines are afflicted with low IQ though.