Friday, February 5, 2016

Autodesk Self-Kevorkians

Instead of their stupid "subscription model," all they had to do was to set 3D Studio's price to around $250 or similar and make it more attractive to buy a legal copy than bootleg it. I would have been first in line.

Instead they decided to keep it a couple thousand and go bankrupt trying to rent it. These companies couldn't succeed despite being given a license to print money. Anybody could have made a profit off 3D Studio by simply lowering the price tag on it. The morons are headed for insolvency if they keep it up.

I am amazed when non-technical people take over companies founded on tech and they cannot even hold the line for a few months just keeping the core business alive. Apple really needs to get a decent CEO to lead it, the current one is like Ballmer's doppleganger.


HalibetLector said...

It's possible they screwed up their "rental" option, but the cold hard truth is every other company that has adopted that model has seen an increase in revenue (Unity, Unreal Engine, Adobe Creative Suite). There's a reason everybody and their mother are starting SaaS businesses and nobody's getting into desktop software anymore.

In totally unrelated news, Tesla and LinkedIn stock are also unusually low. I wonder if the latest tech bubble is finally starting to burst.

deadman said...

Check out Voxday's blog if you're not already aware of it :

Plenty of examples of tech / software companies having trouble once SJW's gain influence.

Not to mention Twitter's laughable implosion.

- deadman.

bicebicebice said... I guess they do read you, well, we know they do.

Kona Commuter said...

@ Deadman - Thanks for the link to that blog. It's going to take up a serious amount of my screen time.

Regarding SJW and 3rd Gen Feminists. They're a laugh-a-minute. Reality isn't something they have a grasp on. I'd laugh harder but their efforts are degrading the quality of life for everyone, not just themselves.

HalibetLector said...

The github shakeup detailed here looks like Github's going to be the next stock to short.

The company has gone full SJW. One of the key changes is the VP of product is now an Indian woman who "is a former Yahoo and Flickr exec". Yeah, that's the key. Let's take a successful product and put in charge somebody from not one, but two completely failed companies. And their "social impact team" which has to approve of people being hired (!) made it "very hard to even interview people who are 'white'".

Texas Arcane said...

@Halibet Lector

Jefferson, Adams and Franklin called such people "refuse from foreign shores" and would never permit such people to sully the shores of America. They are intolerant class and race warriors who were a curse to their home nations and three times a curse to America. The idea of naked discrimination against whites for their race is so un-American it should be considered a virtue to pile all of these troublemakers onto an old decommissioned trawler and tow it out to sea where the Navy can use it for target practice.

Garbage plain and simple. It wouldn't matter where such people live they can only destroy. Once they've ruined their homes they migrate out to work their magic on other people's nations.

Ave said...

That Github is a by-the-book example of how this whole "tech" economy works. This is essentially a re-run with every standard element (like a young, photogenic founder / CEO etc.)

First thing, there is no competition or free market about internet. It is a creation of ARPA / DARPA and will never cease to be.
Whenever the Machine needs a new gear (or rather, a new tentacle... like the "seal" suggests), it doesn't simply add it. You need drama, because all our economy is drama.

At the root of the new creation is one set of needs and a key technology. The gear/tentacle is already set with all parameters before the company even starts to exist.

But why implement a new element without using it as a means to multiply value? Cue in the usual startup "Cinderella" tale (I was there in 1996 and it was twenty years ago, but the fairy tale never changes, it's basically as bland as Star Trek Reboots)

Photogenic Ivy-leagish CEO ? Check. "Connected" Technical Directors who use the startup as credential springboard ? Check. Overhyped IPO ? Check.

But once the hypes fades away, that thing is going to crash. Hmmmmm, how can we explain that ?

Final "Share the Wealth" scheme ? Check.

That conference picture is downright stereotypical, with a latino-ish fat woman (perhaps LGTB ?) adressing a crowd of completely black people ( )

In the end the gear/tentacle is in place and runs with 30 IT technicians in some JamesBondian facility in Nebraska, and many goals, financial as well as Social Engineering ones have been reached in the process.