Friday, January 29, 2016

Zika Is Not Made By Nature

Outbreak occurred precisely where genetically engineered mosquitoes were released. 

Brilliant stuff by the NWO. It doesn't kill you. That might cause a panic. It effectively kills your kids. Extraordinary and subtle. These guys know how to fly under radar without being seen until it is right on top of you.

Fantastically stealthy ... most don't know they have it. Most won't until they have children. A pandemic that is so furtive it does not broadcast it's presence until everybody has got it.

If the next generation is all microcephalics, there won't be a generation after that. Very clever stuff.

The plague that creeps in and produces nasties like continuous fever and Guillain-Barre. Forever.


dienw said...

But the powers that be will never allow the return of DDT; it is almost as though it was planned this way: the environmental movement is a good cover.

bicebicebice said...

EBO(la) Engineered biological outbreak.

Classic X-files. Works like a charm.

Sam said...

This is more likely to be natural. Why? If they wanted depopulation, as they do, they would do something to push sterilization. Shrunken baby heads will only draw attention and research to what's going on. They don't want that so it's likely that they didn't do this.

bicebicebice said... looool

Edward said...

Well I guess halting pregnancy gives you depopulation in a slow and gentle way without resorting to violence, but I'm not convinced it's an intentional design, possibly an unintentional side-effect.

Again something like Brave New World might work better, have sterile female 'FreeMartins' for recreational sex, and fertile woman for procreation, a la Handmaids Tale.