Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Weapon Systems of the Third World War

Doomsday delivered under the sea.

I've been wondering for months if all the saltwater displaced by the explosion of one of these warheads might lead to radioactive rains that annihilate anybody aboveground and this article seems to confirm it. This is a serious 1965 Sunday Supplement style future weapon to be certain. America has forced innovation in this field with their actions worldwide and the Russians appear to be getting really serious about the Klausewitzian nature of nuclear war. It's no-holds-barred, winner-takes-all. The Kwanstainians don't know it now but their own government isn't even on the field yet with a strategy of their own. The plans they do have are all about survival of the government, not the population. That means they have already ceded this conflict to the enemy. If you cannot protect your population you have forfeited the war in advance by default.

Catch that bit about the "cobalt shell?" Nobody likes an I-told-you-so but Vault-Co has been talking about cobalt salts for 15 years. They tell the public a bunch of fairy tales about cobalt not being effectively dispersed and thus posing no threat. To listen to Americans, you wouldn't think there is any aspect of all-out nuclear war that needs to be worried about. This is preamble to an extinction.

In the late 80's I read about possible experiments in the desert with small cobalt payloads. The results were so terrifying that apparently people working on the project killed themselves from sheer despair. This ain't no suitcase shelter in the basement we are talking about with a two week stay. An atomic war with cobalt really separates the men from the boys in surviving armageddon. If you have two feet of dirt for overhead cover or six inches of sandbags you could be in trouble with 100,000 rads an hour topside for months. You need a real vault for these events.

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